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10 steps of the website development process

Website development is not only about website creation, it also includes such processes as – choosing a domain name and hosting, designing and moving it from a demo domain to a real one, linking to Google tools for tracking, etc. So let’s talk about each step in detail.

1. Domain names

Some businesses choose a domain name reflecting their companies name and some may choose those that contain relative to the business keywords. Like, for example, our client Pennell Firm. We developed for them a website under the domain and also another one under the name Which option to choose, it’s up to your preferences, from the point of SEO, yes, it’s good when a domain contains keywords. The alternative option can be an additional domain with keywords and a redirect to your company’s website.

2. Hosting

What hosting to choose? I always recommend the most popular, because they usually have good prompt online support. They must operate 24 hrs. You don’t need them often, but when something happens and if it’s a problem from their side, you can’t wait until Monday or morning to get an answer. Bluehost is a nice hosting, GoDaddy is ok, they have a strong team of support based in India, they handle most requests pretty fast. If you have a small light website where you just tell about your company and services, then you can choose a basic plan and it will be enough. If it’s an online shop with more than 100 products, I would recommend considering a Virtual Private Server, because it can handle the biggest volume of data and your website won’t be slow. We also offer hosting plans, that start from, 65$ per month and include tech support.

3. CMS

Most of our clients prefer to be able to edit the website after we finish its creation. At least know how to add a new article, page, image. One of the advantages of working with BereshkaWeb is that we train our clients to work with the website through the backend panel. Our specialist with record screen videos showing how to make simple edits at your website. We have experience with Shopify, Wix, Joomla, WordPress, and others, but WordPress is our the most favorite. Because it’s pretty powerful and can be easily scalable.

4. Design

Some companies design websites from scratch, we prefer to offer our clients to choose a template that serves as a starting point. First of all, we focus on the wishes of the client, and in the future, we change the design to suit his preferences. We prefer to buy a very well-done and clean template with perfect code and support from third parties, because even if a client is not served with us in the future, another webmaster will always be able to update the theme, because it is not tied to us, but tied directly to its author.

5. Content

Usually, clients provide us with content to fill the pages – images, section headings, text for pages. But if the client does not have time for this and he/she prefers to order a turnkey website, then we have copywriters who can do it. Also, one of the mandatory rules we have when filling sites is to compress and resize all the images before uploading them. It makes no sense to upload a photo with a resolution of 5k to a website if it will be inside the text or as a small element on the website.

6. Revisions

Offering website development to companies, we do not mean just a template installation and its light editing. It is important for us that you will like what will be the face of your company online. Today, how a website looks reflects how seriously the owner takes his business. In the process of developing a website, we actively discuss all stages with the customer, listen to his preferences. We like to see our clients successful because the better your website works, the more long-term our cooperation can be on other products offered by our agency. For example, Google Ads, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and others.

7. Website transfer

In order for you to watch the process of creating a website, we will develop it on our demo domain. After the latest revisions and approval from the client, we transfer all site files and databases to your hosting. Usually, it takes a couple of hours, but sometimes due to some issues with hosting, it may take a little more time, but no more than 1 day. Also, after the transfer, all buttons and links on the new domain are checked to make sure there are no broken links.

8. Social networks

Today, business accounts on social networks are very important. These are the channels where you can talk about your products and services, get creative, and apply the latest marketing trends. Ideally, have a Blog on your site that is updated weekly with new articles on the topic of your business, this has a very beneficial effect on the position of your site in Google. If you order the development of a website from BereshkaWeb, then we will link your website with accounts on social networks.

9. Google tools

Your website is one of the most important tools in promoting your business. And applying different techniques to push it online, it is important that the website is visible to search engines. This also gives you the opportunity to see statistics on visits – from which devices they come to your site more often, who is your target audience, what keywords are used to find you on Google. We always link our sites to Google metrics.

10. Basic SEO

Having a website doesn’t mean having customers through it. In order for you to be seen online, you need to optimize your site for search engines. This is a large and lengthy process that calls SEO. But there are some very basic steps that we feel we must follow when designing a website:

  • keywords placement in Website Tagline
  • SEO plugins for WordPress
  • Google My Business page creation
  • keywords in images alt tags

And let us finish this article with this cool quote: ” If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business ” – Bill Gates. Order websites and SEO at BereshkaWeb and get web turnkey solutions for your business.

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