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February 2019

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All about content development for a website

Content is any written, visual or downloadable material that you place (post) at your blog or website. Why content creation and planning is so important? Because when a user types a keyword or a key phrase in Google/Yahoo/Bing and etc. to find some necessary information, search engine analyses all sources that have a potential answer to this request. And if your website has it, has content that corresponds to the phrase, then there are more chances that your platform will appear at the top of Google listing. But as we all know The World Wide Web has bazillion of websites that creates a high competition for a user's attention. That's why search engines have very complicated algorithms that evaluates content by many criteria. For example, how quickly a user leaves the page, website speed, backlinks from other web sources and so on. What content must have? First of all, content should have keywords that your potential clients may use to find services or products that you offer. Then it supposes to be interesting or useful to make a user stay and read an article. If he lives in couple seconds, it means that it's not what he was looking for. Your website's bounce rate rises up and Google most likely won't place you above other competitors, taking into account the fact that people leave the page very fast. Because again for Search Engine it's the main goal to provide the most relevant websites to people. Why do I need to write articles for other related themes and not only about my services/products?  For example, you sell clothing, then you can write articles about what is in trend now, what fabric is the most popular, what choose celebrities and so on. Even if people come to your website not with a goal to buy your product, they

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How to Get Star Ratings for your website in the Google Search Results

Most of us have noticed that some websites have star ratings next to their listings and other don't. And if a website has this rating it gets more clicks as it attracts more attention. In addition, it creates impression that there is likely a quality product or service. Also many SEO experts think that having good star ratings and reviews can help you move up the search results. Actually it's logically, because the more your website clickable the more probability that Google will put it higher. As one of the main Google's goals is to provide us with information that the best matches to our queries.

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What is CDN?

CDN is a content delivery network of servers that geographically distributed. They work together to provide faster delivery of Internet content. It allows the quick transfer of assets for loading the content including pages, javascript code, images, and videos. It also may help protect websites against some malicious attacks, for example DDOS.