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October 2020

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Why there is no Nobel prize for Computer Science and what is Turing Award

Computer science is hard to overestimate. Laptops that may fit in an envelope; smartphones and the Internet, which let us communicate with each other almost instantly even being 10 thousand miles away from each other; cryptography, which encroaches on a complete restructuring of the financial system in the world. What to say about artificial intelligence and its prospects. Sure, at the heart of computer science is mathematics and physics, but it has long since grown into an independent organism with limitless potential. So why isn't the Nobel Prize in Computer Science awarded?

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What if WPBakery page builder not working?

WPBakery Page Builder is a very powerful plugin that helps WordPress users create beautiful content with minimum programming knowledge..somebody would say. In my opinion, even if you are a "big programmer" there is no real sense to write by hand columns, rows, containers, and divs for each page. I think WPBackery Plugin is not for those who don't have programming knowledge, it's for those who want to automate some basic steps. It's like when you use IDE to write code and use all those clues or automation that it provides instead of wasting your time in Text Editor.

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10 Terminal Commands Every User Should Know

1. Change Directory Command: cd What it does: Changes the directory of the command line path. Example: cd "path/to/directory/" 2. Listing Directory Command: ls What it does: Lists the contents of a directory. Example: ls "path/to/directory/" 3. Open files Command: open What it does: Opens a file. Example: open "filename" 4. Copy a file to another directory Command: cp Example: cp "filename" "newfilename" 5. Move a file Command: mv Example: mv "filename" "path/to/new/file/location" 6. Renaming a file Command: mv Example: mv "path/to/filename" "path/to/newfilename" 7. Create a directory Command: mkdir Example: mkdir "path/to/new/directory" 8. Remove an empty directory Command: rmdir Example: rmdir "path/to/directory" 9. Remove nested directories Command: rm -R Example: rm -R "/path/to/root/directory" 10. Execute commands with superuser privileges Command: sudo Example: sudo "command"