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3 Best NFT Trading Platforms- 2021

3 Best NFT Trading Platforms- 2021

3 Best NFT Trading Platforms- 2021

Since the NFT craze has spread all over the world, I will introduce you to the 3 best trading platforms where digital assets can be bought or sold in the easiest way. NFT has become a very popular way of owning digital assets. Thus, we see completely new portals created exclusively for the purchase and sale of digital assets.

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is a decentralized platform for digital goods, including collectibles, game items, digital art, and other digital assets that are supported by a blockchain such as Ethereum. Not only that, but OpenSea is also an aggregator of digital assets and hosts digital assets available in other markets.  NFT Marketplace Open Sea was founded in New York in 2017 by David Fincher and Alex Atallah and has been a pioneer in the field of NFT ever since. The organization recently invested $23 million to take its vision to a new level.

3 Best NFT Trading Platforms- 2021

Trading on OpenSea takes place through a smart contract, which means that no central authority ever stores your items. Instead, users store items in their favorite wallet – whether it’s a mobile wallet like Coinbase Wallet or Opera Touch, or a Chrome browser extension like MetaMask. This ensures transparency, security, and better recognition of the author’s work due to the immutability of trade.


OpenSea is known as a decentralized application, an interface for connecting users to the blockchain. The advantages of using Open Sea include the ability for NFT creators, such as digital artists, to receive royalties in proportion to the value of the token.

2.Rarible (RARI)

Rarible is the first community-owned NFT marketplace where you can create (“mint”), buy, and sell digital collectibles. The project is based in Moscow, founded by Alexey Salnikov and Alexey Falin in early 2020.

3 Best NFT Trading Platforms- 2021

Any user can access the marketplace to create and display their works of art. Users can also collect exhibited works of art by buying them with Ethereum tokens. This is not a custodial trading platform, and therefore you fully own your tokens. The platform also offers the user intellectual property rights (IP) through Proof of Provenance.


RARI is the first management token in the NFT space. As Rarible grows in number and expands its presence in the market, it becomes a fully decentralized autonomous organization. Thus, the RARI token acts as a management token for the Rarible platform and allows RARI holders to vote for any platform updates and participate in curation and moderation.


SuperRare is a digital art gallery featuring unique one-time digital works of art. Each work of art is authentically created by an artist on the web and is tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item that you can own and trade. Collecting SuperRare is inherently social. Since digital collectibles have a transparent ownership history, they are ideal for a social environment. The social level can facilitate the assessment of the value and other context associated with goods on the market.

3 Best NFT Trading Platforms- 2021

The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and the standard ERC 721 token is offered against all digital technologies. Since the art is completely unique, the fee charged by SuperRare is higher. A 3% transaction fee is charged to buyers. However, the transaction fee for sellers is a whopping 15% (including the gallery exhibition fee). Obviously, all these fees are added to the gas fee for minting the token on the platform. In addition, in the secondary sale (of each secondary transaction) of digital art, Superare pays 10% of the transaction value as royalty to the original creator of the NFT. The average 24-hour volume on the platform is 0.5 million US dollars.

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