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Best Web App for auto-repost to 15 social medias from your website

If you want to promote your business online, your site definitely needs a blog. Or rather it is one of the indispensable tools for SEO. Google likes useful and regularly updated resources and puts them above others.

And it is better to write articles on a related topic that you sell or offer as a service. In this case, you can use related keywords more effectively and the traffic coming to the site will be more targeted. So, topics are selected, content media plan made, what’s next? Next, you can only repost new articles to your favorite social networks. Or create accounts in as many social networks as possible and repost to all of them. Why would you want to do that? Not to mention the fact that your content becomes available on more sites and means potentially more new user conversions. But the second reason is backlinks, the more you are referenced by other resources, the higher the authority of your site. I agree with the fact that the links should be from reputable sites of your own subject, but they are not so easy to get. You either have to contact webmasters or buy placement for money. So at least backlinks from social networks are already better than nothing.

Okay, you have a blog, you have social media accounts, but imagine manually reposting to social media every time. It’s extremely inconvenient. There are many apps today that allow you to do this automatically, saving you time. We have already written an article “5 Great Tools for Posting Content on Several Social Media Sites at the Same Time” and in this article, I want to share with you another service – Blog2Social. They have a Web App and a plugin for WordPress. Below you can know how to use it.

Plugin or Web App

The difference between plugin and web app is, in the case of the plugin, you go to your Wp-admin panel -> Plugins -> Search for Blog2Social and install it. If you use another web engine, Joomla or whatever, then you will need to go to Web App Blog2Social Website -> then create an account there and link your RSS feed to this Web App to start auto-posting.

Social Networks

If it’s a plugin, click on Blog2Social -> Networks

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and authorize with all networks that you want or can

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Don’t forget to Create new network collection, then next time when you want to post to all of them, you don’t need to choose it one by one, you choose this collection like a set.

Free or paid plan

You may have different options of the pages of profiles that you can choose to connect depending on the plan. Sure, if you choose a free plan, you have a more restricted plugin version.

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I choose Pro version, which is about 9euro per month and I think to delegate this scope of work only for 9euros is a very good deal. Pro allows me to link my Blog to Google News which I think can be important as you translate your posts directly to the google news feed, also instead of reposting my articles to my Linkedin profile, it will post on Linkedin Page. But you better know what plan you may need.

Auto-post or Share posts

Pro version lets me also set auto-posting, just turn it on and all new posts will automatically be reposted to all networks that you just linked above.

or click on Share posts, choose your collection on the right, and click – Share. It can be applicable for old posts that you want to reshare.

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If you need more help with SEO for your website, please let us know, we will be happy to push your business online 🙂

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