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Do you love writing? Want to earn some extra income? Or do you want to make a living from your passion? Here are seven kinds of writing work you can earn money from:   houston web design company1. Content writing: content writing is the art of writing copy to advertise without it looking like an advert. It could be a blog post, an article, maybe even a webpage. Employers expect you to make sure your work incorporates a given brand or link, but it can't read like an advert.    

Wix and WordPress are the most popular cloud-based web development platform and free CMS. Millions of fans are standing behind both of them, and you can hear hundreds of reasons why to choose one or another. These are recognized titans of the CMS and website creation market. However, it's two completely different leagues. It is not an ideological battle to find out which type of engine is better. The question is a bit different. What is the difference between Wordpress and Wix?

Why hire an outsource specialist?

First of all, you have a need for a new member of your team. It can happen because your business is growing or it needs workers with new specialties. An overseas specialist can be cheaper than someone local or there could be no locals, who have needed qualifications for the job. It can even happen that you realize that you better do something else, and your job could be done by someone else, and such «permutation» will be good for business. houston website designer