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Don’t order a website if…

It's strange to read such a headline from a web design company that develops websites, isn't it? We have no goal to get money from the client at any cost. We always honestly and openly evaluate and tell our customers what creating a website or a mobile app can do for them. We also warn them in advance that creating their own platform is only the first step. Therefore, below we will tell you in what cases you should not order a website or should not do it right now.

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How to use Social media to get more customers

Social media is a powerful tool to help generate traffic and potential customers. With the right approach, you can significantly increase site traffic and the number of customers. How to use social media? Let's find out with our website design services. The stage that precedes any actions to promote your own brand/product in the social network is data collection and analysis. Here is what you need to do:

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How to promote a website in Houston, TX

Website promotion is important for any business. You should be noticed and appreciated by many people. Advertising allows you to gather a broad audience. But how to promote a website in Houston without specialized knowledge? You need a Houston SEO specialist. The algorithms of modern search engines analyze every site known to them, its content, internal, and external links that lead to the site. Based on these data, they decide which website to display in the first position of the issue on the user's request in the search line. Houston digital agency

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TOP Marketing trends in 2020: VR, AI in Google Campaigns, Chatbots. What else?

Today it’s getting harder and harder to compete online....only if you don't keep pace with the latest trends. Marketing today and marketing 20 or 15 years ago has so different approaches. You don’t advance much-placing ads on the yellow pages or just making cold calls or relying only on word of mouth. I am not sure whether cold calls still even work today. People are overloaded with information and calls from unfamiliar numbers are only annoying. Even TV for some companies is not the main platform to advertise anymore. We cannot ignore progress and not accept the new rules. You can't have an outdated website with a style from the 90s or a phone number as a picture and count on business growth.