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Top 10 Best Website Designs

Top 10 Best Website Designs

Adidas — CHILE 20 If you have ever ordered clothes online, then you know firsthand how high-quality photos affect the choice. But Adidas and Foot Locker are too cool to limit the presentation of new models to simple visualization. For the latest version of the iconic CHILE 20 collection, Active Theory agency designers have created three immersive spaces with realistic 3D visualizations and hip-hop. To get into one of them from the main one, you need to select the model by clicking, move to the other — swipe to the side. A nice bonus for fans: the background dynamic pattern with the name of the collection can be changed by replacing "CHILE 20" with your name. Beans Agency The website of the branding agency Beans Agency from Ukraine, developed by a team of their compatriots Dops Digital Lab, seems to have absorbed all the trends of web design. There is a broken grid, and thoughtful typography, and bold color combinations, and provocative GIFs. But all of the above fades into the background before the main highlight. More precisely, beans. A series of motion screensavers with characters drawn in 3D makes surfing the site so fascinating that you can hang out for the entire lunch break. We're not kidding, it's better to set a timer. Zenly The website of the Zenly application reveals its capabilities with the help of colorful 3D illustrations and short texts. Initially, the application was conceived as a mobile map for sharing location information with friends and family, for example, so as not to get lost on a trip or decide where it is more convenient to gather. In practice, it turned out that it is useful in critical situations — with the help of Zenly, firefighters coordinate their actions. Unlike the complexity of graphics, site navigation is the simplest: a few mouse

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Difference between a website and a web application?

It can be difficult for the end user to understand the difference between a website and a web application. He just enters the URL in the browser's address bar (follows the link) - and boom! - Here is the result. And for the user, it is important just to get what they wanted. If this was done, the user doesn't care about anything else. But if you are a developer, you are the one who creates these products for users. So you should be well versed in how they differ from each other. But do you catch the difference between websites and web applications? In general, there are different opinions on this among developers, but in this article we will try to highlight the key differences that help me navigate myself.

Web Designs 2021

Top 6 Web Designs 2021

New trends in web designs are united by a common theme: instead of fantasizing about high technology, web designers explore new facets of realism. They mix the digital and the everyday like never before, and this reflects that websites have become part of real life. Thus, the trends in web design for 2021, which will be discussed, will literally breathe new life into the world of information technology.

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The Best Web Designs Awards

Winning an award for web design is a terrific method to inspire clients and hopefully reach a bigger audience. While there are no guarantees, knowing what the big web design awards are and how they work will help. To that aim, we've compiled a list of the greatest web design awards, along with some recommendations on how to get nominated. 1. Awwwards.com Awwwards.com features the best material on the internet, beyond web design awards. Currently, the site has an interactive short film! The site also has a prominent ‘Submit Your Site' link in the upper right. A prize gives you access to over 2,000,000 unique users, but you must pay to enter. The world's greatest web designers, developers, and firms are recognized with these honors. A global hub for digital design professionals to network, learn, and critique each other. “Always asking”, “evolving”. 2. CSS Design Awards http://www.cssdesignawards.com This is another wonderful reward program that is easy to enter (right in the menu), but requires an admission fee. Thanks to the ‘Website of the Day' prize, you have a decent possibility of being listed here. There are also monthly and annual awards for the best websites. This award recognizes freelance designers, studios, and agencies who excel in UI, UX, and innovative development. Winners receive official diplomas, magnificent trophies, and recognition from industry experts as well as tens of thousands of daily visitors to the CSSDA website. 3. Webby Awards https://www.webbyawards.com In fact, the Webby Awards have their own ceremony just like the Oscars! This is a great opportunity for a little sparkle and shine. The Webbys are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), a 2000+ member judging organization. Associate Members are former Webby Winners, Nominees, and other Internet professionals. 4. The Best Designs https://www.thebestdesigns.com This site features some of the web's top designs. Getting inspired as a designer is

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I need a website for my new business in Houston, where to order?

Moving your business online is a way to a new level, no matter whether it's a bakery or a law firm or an online clothing store. This option will open up many opportunities in front of you. It is like making a bargain on long terms. Since many entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, and companies are trying to transfer their activities to the Internet, there is a cognitive task - to become unique and attract the attention of the visitor, turn it into a regular customer.