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Don’t order a website if…

It’s strange to read such a headline from a web design company that develops websites, isn’t it? We have no goal to get money from the client at any cost. We always honestly and openly evaluate and tell our customers what creating a website or a mobile app can do for them. We also warn them in advance that creating their own platform is only the first step. Therefore, below we will tell you in what cases you should not order a website or should not do it right now.

1. Creating a website does not guarantee instant customer calls

As it turned out, not all entrepreneurs or those who plan to order a website understand that this is only the first step. Creating a website does not guarantee the flow of visitors and even more orders, but it is definitely a starting point. Think about it, before you, your competitors had already been online for several years and had taken their positions tightly. Their sites have relevant content and their domains are older than yours recently registered. Especially if your company has a similar brand name to other companies (as is often the case with law firms), it is worth considering and the fact that you have to overcome not just competition but also competition for the name, so it is certainly better to choose the most unique name for the company and the website.

In order to attract visitors online you need at least to do:
– Internal SEO optimization (filling the site with keywords, internal linking, image optimization, and site speed);
– Connecting the website to google tools to make it easier for Google to index your site;  (Difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster)
– Technical settings – setting redirect (with www on without www), connecting SSL certificate, creating a file robots.txt and others;
– Creating a profile in Google My Business. (Free SEO technique to push your business online)

As you can see the design and content of the website, it’s also only part, in order to make your website from a business card online to a working tool, you need at least a basic SEO. This may not promote your site much, but at least prepare it for the jump, or while you’re ready to spend on marketing, your website will passively receive some flow from Google.

That’s why the agency BereshkaWeb includes in every website design – basic SEO. So that your website is already passively starting to work at least a little bit before launching any active marketing campaigns. (I need a website for my new business in Houston, where to order?)

2. Not ready to spend money on marketing, but you want quick sales

Only if you’ve already made your name and you have clients coming to you, and you need to update the website or make a new one, then you will receive calls. The newly created website should definitely be promoted. Don’t expect that even if you spend a few thousand dollars on a website, no matter how perfect it is, it will turn into a golden goose that will lay golden eggs on its own. It won’t because that’s not how it works. And that’s where you have a few options:

Google Adwords

The amount of budget that may be needed for a successful company depends on many factors. Such as the density of competition, the popularity of the product or service, the country to which advertising is planned, or whether it will be the whole world. For example, for a campaign for a Russian site, we can spend a budget of about $500 per month and the client consistently receives 3-4 requests per day from the site. But for the American market, this amount would not be enough, even 1000$ is too small budget, you would simply drain it and get nothing in return. That’s why it’s important to choose a company (SEO vs Google AdWords) that knows how to set up Google Adwords properly, and will also monitor the dynamics every month and react timely, so that you get as many conversions as possible for your money.


If Google Adwords can give the same instant result, as soon as you run an Ad, you are immediately on pages 1-2 of google, then for SEO you need time, you need painstaking and constant work. Such as – the internal optimization of the site, which we talked about above. Then it can be registration in various directories, to get as many backlinks (Best Web App for auto-repost to 15 social medias from your website). The more your website refers to third-party resources, the more reason for Google to put your site above others like it. Here also plays a role and the speed of the website and how it is displayed on mobile devices, bouncy rate, etc. There is no point in concluding a SEO contract for less than 6 months (SEO plans from BereshkaWeb), because the effect will have to wait. Some results can be seen in a month, but ideally, it would be better to judge the success of the campaign in 5-6 months. (read also Long-Tail Keywords: Why and How to Target Intent for SEO)


This is promotion in social networks (SMM service from BereshkaWeb). For certain categories of goods and services, this can be the most effective way. For example, cosmetics, clothes, beauty services. To begin with, a social media account is created and properly designer, then a content-media plan is made and the page is filled. After that, you can start advertising. By the way, the budgets required for advertising in social networks are much lower than in Google AdWords, here you can start with a budget of 300-500 dollars.

If now you don’t have any budget for marketing, but you have a strong desire to develop your business, you can help your website on your own. For example, to write articles 2-3 times a week and post it on your website/blog, on the themes which may be of potential interest to your target audience. Create a business page for the website in social networks, register it in all the directories that you will find. Thus you do not invest money, but invest time. (The Most Important New Trend in SEO – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP))

3. Successful sales through social networks

If you already have a promoted account in social networks, where you can also set up sales and you do it perfectly, then maybe you do not need a website in principle right now. It’s like renting an office just to have one. It is reasonable to equip as needed, if your business requires such a step as its own premises or a separate modern website, then it makes sense to spend money on it, especially if you are limited by the budget.

Let’s summarize.

This article is written to clarify what is website development and what means its promotion. So when we ask clients who refused the promotion – how they are doing and they say surprisingly that they have not received a single call or e-mail for a year, we want to answer – it’s not surprising, if it was so easy, there would not be so many companies that offer services for promotion. You can sit for 3 or 5 years without any calls, if you will not invest in your website time or money or both.

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