Houston SEO Service / Internal Website Optimization

The first what we do is Internal Website Optimization. It’s like to clean your house and decorate it with different attractive stuff before your friends come. In SEO it may consist of:
– Keywords placement – into Titles, Headings, Website Tagline, Images, including keywords in descriptions, names, articles, and so on.
– Sitemap – it’s a technical side of the optimization. But in simple words, we just prepare a list for Google with all links of our pages and posts to index. It’s like we tell it you should just go and index these all pages.
– Robots.txt – is a file that we place in the root of your website to tell the search crawl bots to know how exactly the website needs to be indexed. It’s a set of rules for search engines.
– .htaccess – another file that often we need to set-up, put some rewrite rules, like for example forward all users to https:// version website no matter what they type bereshkaweb.net or www.bereshkaweb.net or https://bereshkaweb.net, they all get to one single address.
– Google Analytics and Google Webmaster – we link your website to this Google Services to let the engine to find you and index the pages and to collect data about our visitors.
– Meta-titles and meta-description – We can create for each page that we are trying to push meta-titles and meta-descriptions with using keywords. It’s one of the main factors for successful Search Engine Optimization to take leading positions.