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Difference between Shared hosting and VPS

Choosing the right hosting service depends on resource needs, performance demands, security requirements, cost constraints, server administration preferences, and scalability expectations. Read on for our comparisons and recommended hosts. Houston Web Design

Shared hosting means a website will share the server with other sites. It’s the cheapest option but comes with limited bandwidth, administration, and performance capabilities. VPS hosting is a premium option, with the ability for customization and increased performance. But, as with any premium service, you’ll have to pay more to get more. Houston Web Design

1. Server Resources

Shared Hosting – Sharing server resources with others imply some limitations. It means there will be maximum available CPUs, memory/RAM, and disk space. Your website will not be able to use resources beyond the maximum allowed. If your website doesn’t require a ton of space or processing power, then this may not be a problem. Houston Web Design

VPS Hosting – VPS gives a bigger private disk space and higher overall resource availability. This may be necessary if you would like to expand your business and need to offer customers a user experience that goes beyond the basic shared hosting level. Houston Web Design

2. Performance

Shared Hosting – In the case of a shared plan, potentially other websites could possibly affect your site. But if your performance demands are limited and you value ease of maintenance, shared hosting will likely yield a higher return on investment. Houston Web Design

VPS Hosting – VPS hosting offers better performance based on the bandwidth it offers users. It gives more flexibility to configure your website on the server, but you’ll likely need to have a system administrator to keep the server running smoothly. In the case of high traffic demands or multiple sites to manage, VPS will be the best option. Houston Web Design

3. Security

Shared Hosting – А common server cannot guarantee 100% security, because of “noisy neighbors” or the fact that when one shared hosting customer makes a mistake or experiences a technical difficulty, it may impact others because you are all sharing space on the same machine. Houston Web Design

VPS Hosting – If you can afford VPS, you can implement better customer support services that will assist clients when they need it. If your business needs to protect personal data, it’s deserving the upgrade to a VPS. Houston Web Design

4. Pricing

Shared Hosting – From a pure price point, shared hosting is the most economical choice and is a great option for those looking to host a site with standard functionality. It may vary in the range of 5-8$ per month. Houston Web Design

VPS Hosting – If you want to improve your website’s performance, or if you need to increase your business’s online services, VPS hosting will give you better customization and performance options than shared hosting. VPS may cost 25-55$ per month. Houston Web Design

5. Server Administration

Shared Hosting – If you choose a shared server, there is no need for technical maintenance on your end,  you can just enjoy basic server administration. For most, this is a huge plus as no dedicated system administrator is needed. Houston Web Design

VPS Hosting – VPS-hosted websites are more complex in the meaning of management and hence will require an administrator to serve them. But the plus is that you will be able to customize your site and configure the server upon your needs. Houston Web Design

6. Scalability

Shared Hosting – With a shared hosting plan, you might have scalability issues, after some time, it depends on how the website grows. If you find you’re maxing out your storage capabilities, or if user demand is exceeding server space, you may need to consider scaling up to eke out better performance. Houston Web Design

VPS Hosting – The customizable features of VPS hosting allow you to scale more quickly and easily. If you predict you’ll eventually need to scale up on the fly to meet demand, the investment in VPS hosting now may pay off in the future. Houston Web Design

Choosing the right hosting provider, you would need to pay attention to:

  1. How easy to reach support;
  2. How quickly they answer and if they have a live chat, it’s a plus;
  3. Sure, what plans they have, whether they offer a special price for long term cooperation;

As for me, it’s important – the price, support, where this support is located (inside of US is preferable) and usually most famous hosting companies provide with a polished solution. In other words, everything works without a hitch. Houston Web Design

BereshkaWeb is a Tech Lab in Houston, Texas, we offer not only website development, Digital Marketing, including SEO, but also private hosting. That will cover the cost of light website maintenance. When you choose a web design agency in Houston, take into account, who may offer this service. Houston Web Design

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