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How Doctors Can Consult Online through Video Conferencing

As the coronavirus outbreak becomes more and more damaging, the whole world is going under lockdown to contain the spread of the virus. Doctors and patients are turning to telemedicine and the use of videoconferencing to maintain the continuum of healthcare services.

Outpatient departments and private clinics have closed their doors in order to reduce the risk of exposure to the deadly virus. From general practitioners to specialists, doctors are attending to their patients through video links and online portals. Keep reading to learn how doctors can make the best use of e-consultation services. Houston web design

Setting Up an Online Doctor Portal

Whether you run a hospital or a private practice, you need to have a website in place to establish an e-consulting portal. Doctors can register themselves and additional details related to their qualifications, services, and timings on the website.

Patients should be able to set up appointments, submit their medical history and reports and make payments online. The portal should send automatic confirmation emails to both the doctor as well as the patient. Houston web design

Such a portal can work well for a wide variety of specialists, such as gynecologists, pediatricians, dermatologists, cardiologists, and more.

Video Conferencing

Even though the best healthcare services are delivered in person, the current lockdown situation requires the efficient use of technology to provide optimum health services. Therefore, the online portal should also support live video conferencing between the healthcare provider and the patient.  Houston web design

Video conferencing will not only help doctors have a good look at the patients, the latest tools and 4K video technology can even enable them to examine X-rays, look into a patient’s ear canal and throat and fully examine them. This means doctors can provide a real-time diagnosis through their computers, smartphones, or a tablet. Houston web design

Online Prescriptions

The online platform should enable doctors to provide patients with prescriptions. Ideally, the portal needs to be directly linked to the hospital’s pharmacy or to any other online pharmacy. The pharmacy can be notified automatically every time a doctor’s prescription is generated and the patient should get the medicines delivered to their homes. Houston web design

Through the portal, doctors can help a number of patients receive medical care while under self-isolation. It can also help protect doctors and limit their movement.

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