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How to Choose a Web Design Agency?

How to Choose a Web Design Agency?

To find a right subcontractor who will take care of your web “needs” can be a challenge. You trust not only to represent a business online, but and following tasks like Search Engine Optimisation or Google Adwords, website maintenance. You are very lucky if you find “your person” the first time, but it happens not really often. So, how to choose a web master or a web agency read in this article.

houston webagency1. Local web agency or online

Web development means work online, web agency don’t have to have a physical address unless its team wants or needs. Today not a problem to find and hire a freelancer online or to place an order with a web agency through the internet. But it’s a plus if you can find the provider locally. Because you can meet and see, understand what kind of this person, what he says and how behaves. Did she or he came on time or was late, it’s all important for that case when you are looking for a web partner for a long-term. BereshkaWeb is a local Houston Web Agency and we consider it’s as a good plus. We can and we want to meet our potetntional clients, to have a cup of coffee and discuss all details. houston webagency

2. Price

Expensive doesn’t mean the best and cheap doesn’t mean the worst or a really good deal. You need to understand that you get what you pay for. To develop a simple website, you must be familiar with at least HTML, CSS, be able to at least to read JS and PHP, you need to learn main website engines, like WordPress, Joomla Drupal or Website constructors like Shopify or WiX. Much more knowledge you need if you want to create a website from scratch, if you want it to look outstanding implementing there some animation that you also need to learn. You need to know at least Photoshop, but also better plus Illustrator and another Adobe products. Then you should know how hosting works and SSL, what is MySQL database, how Google Tools work, for example google Analytics, My Business page, PageSpeed and it’s just for the beginning ?. So if you are looking for a web designer who may create a website for 299$, then you need to understand that your website may look very basic, like edited template. But if you consider your company’s website like one of the main weapons to bit your competitors, then definitely it should be and look professional. h

3. Experience

houston webagencyWe recommend to check the portfolio of other projects that your potential web assistant has already done. It gives you an overall understanding of his professionalism. And reviews what this client left. Companies never place negative feedback on their websites, but you can check Google Reviews where everybody may express their frank opinion.

4. Attitude 

No matter how much professional and famous a web agency, all their efforts with be equal to zero if they don’t pick up the phone, come late on meetings and don’t respond on emails on time. Fruitful cooperation is based on respect from both sides. So we expect from our clients also be punctual and participatory when creating a project.

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