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To find a right subcontractor who will take care of your web “needs” can be a challenge. You trust not only to represent a business online, but and following tasks like Search Engine Optimisation or Google Adwords, website maintenance. You are very lucky if you find “your person” the first time, but it happens not really often. So, how to choose a web master or a web agency read in this article. houston webagency

houston webagency1. Local web agency or online

Web development means work online, web agency don’t have to have a physical address unless its team wants or needs. Today not a problem to find and hire a freelancer online or to place an order with a web agency through the internet. But it’s a plus if you can find the provider locally. Because you can meet and see, understand what kind of this person, what he says and how behaves. Did she or he came on time or was late, it’s all important for that case when you are looking for a web partner for a long-term. BereshkaWeb is a local Houston Web Agency and we consider it’s as a good plus. We can and we want to meet our potetntional clients, to have a cup of coffee and discuss all details. houston webagency

2. Price

Expensive doesn’t mean the best and cheap doesn’t mean the worst or a really good deal. Local American companies in most cases charge too much (like $15-$20k just for a simple website), at that time companies from India or Venezuela offer same service for 800-1000$. Yeah, the difference is huge. It’s not nice to pay double price for service or product that doesn’t cost that much, but website creation is not easy, it requires knowledge and practice, a lot of time that web master dedicated to become a professional. I would compare this process to purchase of luxury brands clothing, where you overpay for just a regular white tank-shirt. But If you pay 800$ for a website, be ready to receive Chinese dress like from AliExpress and become a hero of the meme Expectations vs Reality. Try to stuck between, something like H&M or Zara, that means nice quality, modern design and fair pricehouston

3. Experience

houston webagencyAlways ask a web agency to show a portfolio of other projects that your potential web assistant has already done.
For those who have a little budget to find a young developer can be a right decision. As he won’t take too much, on other hand he will try do his best as you will be among first his clients. If your company needs a fast and professional solution and you can invest money, then just don’t waste your time and money and go to experienced professionals. Nice if they can be recommended by somebody whom you trust or they have awards. houston webagency

4. Attitude 

No matter how much professional and famous a web agency, all their efforts with be equal to zero if they don’t pick up the phone, come late on meetings and don’t respond on emails on time. This respect should be mutual, if you are a Customer who pays money, doesn’t mean that you can just don’t appear without any notifications just because your plans have been changed. Be respectful and claim same attitude to yourself. For me important human attitude. When my client asks me to move a button and it takes me just 5 minutes, I won’t charge him. But if he asks 10 times to move a button it means waste of my time and I will charge him :). Fruitful cooperation is based on respect from both sides.  houston webagency



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