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Metaverse is changing the world

Metaverse is changing the world

Metaverse is changing the world

On October 28, Facebook announced a name change to Meta. The company explained this decision by saying that they want to be associated more not only with one social network but with the entire “metaverse” of their products.

Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the plans to transform Facebook into a Metaverse back in the summer. According to him, users of messengers, video communication, and collaboration programs should be able to communicate not only in their ecosystem but also exchange information between different software. All that is needed for this is only the Internet. The metaverse should work on three technologies: virtual reality augmented reality and mixed reality.

On the eve of the Facebook Connect presentation, at which the rebranding was announced, the head of the company gave an interview to four American publications, where he spoke about his vision of the company’s future and explained the decision to change the name. Immediately after the announcement, materials were published by The Verge, Stratechery, The Information, and Puck.


Rebranding goals

  • According to Zuckerberg, users perceived the company as the owner of several social networks (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook), whereas he sees it as an organization that creates technologies for communication. The head of Meta noted that this is what distinguishes them from others on the market, which should be reflected in the brand name.
  • Facebook was associated with a specific brand product, whereas Zuckerberg thinks more globally, believing that people’s communication will not be limited to the current form of social networks for a long time. After the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram, more and more users connected the company with social networks, and Zuckerberg wanted people to understand his vision of the future of the Internet connection with the Metaverse.
  • The head of Meta also spoke about the confusion that arose due to authorization via Facebook in other social networks, including Quest, an application for working in virtual reality. Now users “don’t have to worry about this problem.” After some time, it is planned to introduce one account for all social networks and devices to create a Metaverse.

About the work of the Metaverse

  • The most important thing in “such an exciting environment as the Metaverse” Zuckerberg highlighted privacy. Employees will develop devices that allow you to create digital avatars or holograms in real life. That is why it is important that in the new space the user will be able to easily avoid people in whom he sees danger.
  • Also, the head of Meta noted compatibility. He is disappointed with the level of its development in the mobile Internet and would like different applications to be perceived “as different spaces into which you can teleport.” Zuckerberg is unhappy with the fact that in smartphones, users have to “start from scratch” in each individual application. He plans to change this within the framework of the Metaverse concept: “All parts will have to work together in some way.”
  • Another important element Zuckerberg called the organization around the personality. He noted that digital avatars, their clothes, and tools will help users get a new experience. It is important that no one can take them away and people feel that things really belong to them.
  • It is important that in the Metaverse, users acted not only as consumers but also as creators. This is one of the fundamental things for economic development: Zuckerberg plans to implement it on the basis of the Horizon program. Crypto technologies such as NFT and smart contracts will also play a “rather important role”.
  • This year alone, Zuckerberg spent ten billion dollars on the Metaverse.


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