Founder & Web Developer

AnastasiiaAnastasiia Gudkov

Hello, my name is Anastasia Gudkov, I am the founder of the Creative Agency BereshkaWeb. I am also directly involved in website design and digital marketing. My goal is to provide a full complex of digital services for business development or improvement. We sell not just web design and advertising, we offer a solution of how to present a business online and how we can tell your potential customers about the business.

I specialize in
digital marketing specialist
Expert in creating marketing and brand strategies

LesyaLesya Kotsar

Experience working with business owners, and, as a result:

  • ability to understand the owner’s request for business development;
  • the ability to transform the request into real business goals, and, as a result, business concepts and brand strategies.
marketing agency
Expert in sales funnel optimization and customer journey building.

JuliaJulia Stelmakh

A professional with over 10 years of experience in sales management in the B2C, B2B segment.