Outsourcing, how to hire a specialist overseas?

Why hire an outsource specialist?

First of all, you have a need for a new member of your team. It can happen because your business is growing or it needs workers with new specialties. An overseas specialist can be cheaper than someone local or there could be no locals, who have needed qualifications for the job. It can even happen that you realize that you better do something else, and your job could be done by someone else, and such «permutation» will be good for business. Houston website designer

Increasing the profitability

As it was said, overseas workers can cost you less and do simple tasks, which take time. You can use the time to work on bigger issues and to deal with urgent or more profitable objectives. For instance, you can hire a specialist that can help you with social media, accounting, online advertisement, and other tasks for less than $10 per hour. These specialists could be no worse than your local ones, who work full time. The difference in reward is due to the number of working hours, no taxes or lower taxes, plus the freelancers are «paying off» for the comfort and freedom of movement they have.  website designer

How to outsource?

1. Identify your motives.

You need to understand what kind of outsourcing help you need. Do you need a specialist, who will do your routine? Would you like to cut costs? Are you looking for a unique or exceptional professional? Identify your goals and the amount of money, which you can pay for your new employee. Understanding reduces the risk of frustration.

Set a rate for an hour of work or for the whole project. Remember that price for the project as a whole is fixed, so you don’t have to worry about additional spending. However, you should take into account the specifics of the project. If you can’t decide on the fixed price for the project as a whole, try dividing it into tasks and then convert tasks into hours. Set a price per hour, add all hours, multiply by a fixed price, and get the price for the whole project. Houston website designer

If you want to outsource not a project, but routine work with some sort of repetitive actions, it is better to set up an hourly rate. There is some software, which helps employers track the working time of their employees.  Houston website designer

2. Write a clear job description

If you want less work rejecting unqualified candidates, write a simple, understandable, and full description of what a perfect candidate should have and what he or she will do. What knowledge, skills, experience, and interests should a perfect candidate have? What will a person do, if he or she gets the job? Save your time on something better than looking through the resumes of weak candidates.  Houston website designer

3. Conduct interviews

After you have chosen the best candidates, spend some time checking their portfolios, interviewing, and testing them. It is better to spend some time on these steps than to lose even more time and money with an unreliable person. If tests are requiring valuable time and effort, be sure to compensate candidates for their work. And don’t expect the cheapest worker to provide you with the best results.  Houston website designer

4. Set clear project expectations

Is it a short-term or a long-term project (For example, Web Development Specialist)? Does it have a deadline? When the project will be considered completed? And what about edits and corrections? 

Even if you have no real and objective deadline, it is better to set a feasible deadline for your outsource employee. It will help in project development over time. Be sure to make it clear for the worker, what time and quality expectations you have. 

You also have to discuss how and when the reward will be transferred to the overseas employee, in what currency, and what guarantees you can give to each other.  Houston website designer

5. Give all the needed information

Whether you hire a cheap or expensive professional, he or she needs as much information and instructions as you can give to work more efficiently and faster. If you would like to provide your comments on the work before the employee presents its final variant, make it clear and set intermediate stages of work when the project is shown and discussed. Be ready for a freelancer to set a concrete number of changes that he or she will make. Usually, it is not less than three.  Houston website designer

Good luck finding the one, that you are looking for!

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