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As a longtime friend and client, Betirri, the talented artist known for his unique sports-themed paintings, approached BereshkaWeb with a special request. Having previously crafted a comprehensive Artist Website Design with an online shop for Betirri’s art and souvenirs, this time he sought a simpler, more vibrant design—all on a single page. We are thrilled to have met and exceeded his expectations, thanks to your positive feedback.

Here’s what we achieved:

1. Customized Design: We made sure the Artist Website Design looked exactly how our client wanted it. We tweaked templates and gave it a modern and unique style.

2. E-commerce Integration: We set up an online store on the website with all the bells and whistles—shopping cart, user accounts, and checkout pages. We also added various payment and shipping options, and we handled transaction percentages and tax stuff.

3. Adaptivity: We made sure the Artist Website Design looked good and worked well on everything—phones, tablets, and different web browsers.

4. Security: We built a virtual fortress around the website with anti-spam and anti-virus features. We also added Captcha to protect online forms.

5. Speed: Nobody likes slow Artist Websites, so we used cache plugins to make everything load faster.

6. Tracking: We connected the website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console so our client could keep an eye on who’s visiting and how they’re finding the site.

7. Photo service: Additionally, we provided photography services to enhance his online presence.

Our free bonuses:

1. Client Training: We didn’t leave our client hanging. We made video tutorials to show them how to edit and manage the website, from pages and posts to images and products.

2. Basic SEO: We put in some basic SEO work by using the right keywords in the website’s title and meta-description to help it show up better in search results.

3. Tech Support: We don’t just disappear after launch. We offer 30 days of free support to fix any issues and make sure everything runs smoothly.

These are the things we did to make sure our client got a website that not only looked great but also worked perfectly and was easy to manage.

Client's Feedback
"I was very happy and satisfied with Bereshka's web development. She was not only responsive and professional but also understood quickly my vision. I really recommend her services!"
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