Parustrans International Movers

Website development on Joomla

Parustrans International Movers is a Russian company specializing in moving business and providing service worldwide. The client needed to update a web design. The site was visually outdated and the design was not responsive. That means its look had not been changing on different screens. It was important for them to use their own images, which were drawn by the daughter of one of the company’s partners. The client also ordered site promotion and Google Adwords Campaign. The company BereshkaWeb boosted the website to the first page of Google by the main keyword queries. We also helped to set up and optimize paid advertising in Google, i.e. Google Adwords. Today, internet requests are 30% of the total company’s volume.

""BereshkaWeb Web Design Agency is a highly skilled team with an eye for details. We got exactly what we wanted and more. The project management and communication work really well through the online project tools and the dedicated project manager made a great job keeping things together. We are looking forward to the next collaboration!"."