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The company’s request revolves around the development of a new Small Business Web Design for “Alloy Welding Solutions,” a Houston-based welding company. Their needs encompass assistance in creating and incorporating text and workflow photos into the chosen website template, resulting in a 5-page site. Their primary focus is on achieving a modern, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly online presence, emphasizing the significance of this website in showcasing their small business effectively on the internet.

  1. Website Development: A new website was developed for the company.

  2. Template Selection: The client chose a website template from several proposed designs. This template likely determined the overall look and structure of the Small Business Web Design.

  3. Content Addition: Text and photos of the workflow were added to the website. This content likely includes information about the company’s services, projects, and perhaps a visual representation of their work processes.

  4. Website Structure: A 5-page website was created. These pages could include a homepage, about us page, services page, portfolio or projects page, and contact page, providing essential information about the company and its services.

  5. Modern and User-Friendly Design: The website was designed to be modern, beautiful, and user-friendly. This suggests that the design prioritized aesthetics and ease of use, which is important for creating a positive impression on visitors and ensuring a good user experience.

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