The U.S.-Russian Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was looking for a web service provider, who would not only develop a new website, but could also add such new functionality as: eCommerce, Membership levels and accounts, Events and tickets selling, Interactive maps and other. Website should have 2 languages – Russian and English and provide for the team a way to do simple editing, like new pages creation, text editing, replacement of images, new events adding and so on. That’s why we used WordPress here too and to make this website fast we placed it on our Virtual Private Server and used Content Delivery Network (CDN) at Amazon.

ClientThe U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Website engineWordpress
TasksWebsite redesign, VPS, CDN, eCommerce, Events functionality

eCommerceWebsite redesignWordpress

ecommercehouston webagencyredesignwordpress

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