Odette Valero

Odette Valero Online store for a Canadian artist The online store for selling paintings was built on WordPress. About 100 products were posted on the site, including paintings, sweatshirts, t-shirts and other merchandising products, with sizes and other variations. For the convenience of users, we created sections, categories and filters for sorting the products. Woocommerce […]

Mario Kazaz

Mario Kazaz Website for a Houston Artist Mario Kazaz is a Houston-based artist, he had a website on Wix, and he tried to create it himself, but the end result did not meet expectations. We offered him to re-create the website on WordPress and connected WooCommerce to sell paintings directly from the site. Using an […]


Betirri Website for a Houston Artist Betirri is a good friend and longtime client of ours, he is an artist and paints mostly sports in his unique style. We had already created a full-size website for Betirri with an online shop to sell paintings and souvenirs. But this time Betirri asked us to simplify the […]

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