Odette Valero

Odette Valero Online store for a Canadian artist The online store for selling paintings was built on WordPress. About 100 products were posted on the site, including paintings, sweatshirts, t-shirts and other merchandising products, with sizes and other variations. For the convenience of users, we created sections, categories and filters for sorting the products. Woocommerce […]

Cleaning the professional way

Cleaning the professional way Website Design for a Cleaning company We were approached by a cleaning company from California, USA, with a request to redesign their website. Initially, their website was made in Godaddy using a website builder. The information was arranged chaotically and did not have a single style. Also, one of the important […]

1st Class voyager

1st Class Voyager Online shop for vintage luxury clothing We were approached by a client with a request to create an online store for luxury vintage clothing. Also, the main wish was to have a website on a platform that would allow her to add new products in the future. Therefore, WordPress was chosen to […]

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