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Programmers Who Didn’t Finish University

A tech industry survey from 2015 found that approximately half of the developers surveyed did not possess computer-science degrees. Being self-taught seems to be the way to go for many programmers, and it’s easy to see why. Self-teaching options for programmers are plentiful in the digital age. houston web design

There are numerous free online resources available to help aspiring programmers learn how to program in the modern era. This is a great option for people with an interest in programming who may not be able to afford to go to or complete college.

Getting a degree in computer science does offer its advantages, but many of the great programmers of our time were self-taught or didn’t finish university. Here are some of the more prominent programmers who didn’t finish university. houston web design

Famous programmers who didn’t finish university

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are both notable examples of programmers who never finished college. That’s not to say every college dropout programmer is likely to become a billionaire, but it does illustrate how a college degree may not be an essential requirement to be successful in the tech industry. houston web design

Why you might not need a degree for programming

Programming skills are quickly becoming essential for people in many non-tech industries. This has created a demand for free and easy-to-follow programming tutorials and lessons that are available online.

With the right level of effort, you may be able to learn as much about programming as your college-educated peers. While some tech companies still require their employees to possess relevant degrees before hiring them, other tech employers are more than happy to hire programmers simply on the basis of their programming experience and ability.

Many tech employers will hire people with business and liberal arts degrees if they can demonstrate that they know how to code and program. This has made degree requirements less strict at certain tech employers and made the tech industry more accessible to people without formal post-secondary education. houston web design

Will programmers need college degrees in the future?

It’s difficult to say if programmers are going to need college degrees in the future. Possessing a college degree means you’ve passed the minimum requirements to be considered competent as a programmer, and this accolade can provide you with an edge over programmers who do not have degrees.

Self-taught programmers may have a harder time demonstrating their competence with regard to programming on paper. However, many tech industry employers put job candidates through rigorous testing before hiring them, and this can level the playing field for self-taught programmers who often perform better than their college-educated counterparts. houston web design

A web design company BereshkaWeb based in Texas would care more about the ability of its programmers than their background, and would thus provide job opportunities to plenty of people from underprivileged backgrounds with an interest in programming.

Programming is going to continue growing in importance in the future. The skill is becoming essential in many industries, so it’s important for the coming generations to utilize all the resources at their disposal and learn how to program. houston web design

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