Responsive website, what does it mean?

Responsive web design (RWD) allows websites to change the way they are seen by users depending on the device that is used and its orientation. RWD makes sites more readable and convenient in usage whether they are opened on a smartphone or a large screen. Houston web designer

The width of a browser defines breakpoints, which are used by the RWD to make changes in a website’s appearance. It means that only one HTML and cascading style sheet are used to make your site perfectly compatible with screen sizes of laptops’, desktops’, various phones’, and tablets’ monitors. Houston web designer

RWD rearranges elements of a page in accordance with the viewport scale. For example, smartphones show a one-column website, while the same page is displayed as a two-column site on a tablet. These arrangements are made with the help of grids, which are based on a proportion. Houston web designer

The elements are not only rearranged. Some of them could be hidden in certain variants of a site. It could be images, text, buttons. Some elements can even appear in a different form or color. These changes in design are created due to the differences of the audiences, which use certain types of devices. Houston web designer

Of course, creating one site with RWD is easier and wiser than making several sites, when each of them is aimed at targeting only one specific device with its main audience. A site with RWD is created faster, it has only one codebase, and it is easier to manage. It is also ready to be improved if new screen sizes are introduced to the market.

Experience and usability

Although examples can help in designing a good responsive website, every team of developers and designers should create a site for a concrete goal. They should take into account all the nuances of the company, its needs, campaigns, its customers, and their devices. The site should not only have a good appearance and be adaptive, but it should also be usable and effective.  

To check if your site corresponds to all the goals, you can run cross-platform tests. It means that you should open the site on different devices and try using it. Does it look good? Is it understandable? It is functional? And what if you change the orientation of the devices?   Houston web designer

Content is in the focus

It is important to remember that users come to your site to find some information or to do something. It doesn’t matter if it’s useful or entertaining. The main point is to make it easy for users to find the information or to do for what they came. Users will not spend time scrolling all over the site and searching around. 

Performance consideration

Sites with RWD have only one code, which is sent to all the devices. When a device receives the code, it chooses only what it needs and displays the suitable version of the site. Such an action algorithm affects the speed with which data is processed. It is especially noticeable on smartphones. 

Knowing that, conduct cross-platform tests not only on different devices but with various internet connections and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) as well. And definitely try opening your site around the city and somewhere in nature near the city. The goal is to create easy access to a site with its information and operations regardless of the conditions.  Houston web designer


Today Bootstrap is the most popular toolkit that allows web developers to easily create web products that automatically adjust to different screen sizes. Responsive websites are not just sites with moving elements, which change their places in accordance with a certain screen’s size. These sites have thoughtful content, well-prepared design, and a good level of performance. These characteristics allow them to be easily used by the majority of internet users. 

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