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SEO vs Google AdWords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords are effective tools for a marketing campaign. They help in promoting your site with products and services via search engines. Each of the tools has its own benefits and negative points. Whether to use them together or to use only one of them is for your goals to determine. Houston SEO services  

Google AdWords.

People, who want to promote their services and products, utilize this platform to place their advertisements, which are going to be shown on hundreds of websites, Google Search Engine, and Google Products. For instance, Gmail and YouTube. Houston SEO services

There are several options of payment for the advertisements. Whether a payment is made when people click on the ad, which is Cost Per Click (CPC), or when they see the ad, which is Cost Per Mile (CPM) – a Cost per thousand of impressions.

Google AdWords has an auction system, where advertisers emulate advertisement places. The ones who pay more are getting more places for their ads.

Search Engine Optimization.

SEO helps to make your website easier for search engines (SE) to «read» it and for users to understand and utilize it. If you do everything right, your site will get a higher ranking in the SE like Google, Yahoo, and others. Houston SEO services

You should have comfortable using a website with prominent and interesting information for your target audience. Plus, the content should be placed in a specific way. There are a lot of articles that go deeper into the topic. Houston SEO services

SEO vs Google AdWords

Now, that we have slightly explained both tools, let’s look at their comparison:

  • SEO works with all searches engines. AdWords works with Google sites and Google AdSense using websites. 
  • One doesn’t pay for traffic from SEO, while AdWords traffic must be paid for.
  • SEO helps you in organically getting the top results in the SE, so one should try hard to reach them. AdWords places your paid advertisements on the pages with the Google Search results.
  • SEO takes time to move your site up in rankings and attract more traffic. Google AdWords takes much less time to provide traffic to a website, as you can start advertising within an hour. 
  • It is difficult to calculate Return on Investment with SEO because there are other factors, which play their role. With AdWords, it is much easier, as spending on ads and revenue from them are better seen.
  • SEO allows attracting traffic for a longer time. Google AdWords stops giving the results as soon as you stop the advertising campaigns.
  • SEO limits you in the number of keywords. You should use only several to gain the best results. AdWords allows you having many keywords simultaneously and still get a great result.
  • SEO brings results only from the SE. AdWords leads traffic not only from there but from Google sites and sites with AdSense as well.      

Which one is better?

A new company with a freshly made website and a need to get clients and traffic as fast as it is possible should use Google AdWords because it will give faster benefits. Customers, sales, views, website’s quality measurements, procedures – all of it can be seen as results. At the same time, you need knowledge, experience, and preliminary research to manage the Google AdWords campaigns effectively. If you have no needed skills, it is better to hire a professional. Houston SEO services

Even if you are using Google AdWords, be sure not to forget to use SEO. That’s right! SEO provides long-term results plus reaches people, who haven’t seen your advertisements. And Google AdWords shows your ads to people, who were not reached with SEO. You should use them both for the best results.  Houston SEO services

Every step of your marketing campaign should bring you closer to achieving the big goal of your business. Houston SEO services

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