digital marketing specialist
Expert in creating marketing and brand strategies

LesyaLesya Kotsar

Experience working with business owners, and, as a result:

  • ability to understand the owner’s request for business development;
  • the ability to transform the request into real business goals, and, as a result, business concepts and brand strategies.
More than 5 years of experience as an externalexternal consultant:
More than 25 project-strategic and project-training sessions were held;
5 transformational projects were implemented (standardization in the conditions of a network form of business organization, a competence-based approach to training and development, the creation of a corporate training system, strategic planning and methodization of the activities of network forms of business organization).

BereshkaWeb is a Digital Agency located in Houston, Texas. We specialize in designing secure, scalable and customized web applications to provide turn-key solutions and full tech support for your web projects from simple landing pages to multi-functional online stores with eCommerce.

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