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The Best Web Designs Awards

Winning an award for web design is a terrific method to inspire clients and hopefully reach a bigger audience. While there are no guarantees, knowing what the big web design awards are and how they work will help. To that aim, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest web design awards, along with some recommendations on how to get nominated.

1. features the best material on the internet, beyond web design awards. Currently, the site has an interactive short film! The site also has a prominent ‘Submit Your Site’ link in the upper right. A prize gives you access to over 2,000,000 unique users, but you must pay to enter. The world’s greatest web designers, developers, and firms are recognized with these honors. A global hub for digital design professionals to network, learn and critique each other. “Always asking”, “evolving”.

2. CSS Design Awards This is another wonderful reward program that is easy to enter (right in the menu) but requires an admission fee. Thanks to the ‘Website of the Day’ prize, you have a decent possibility of being listed here. There are also monthly and annual awards for the best websites. This award recognizes freelance designers, studios, and agencies who excel in UI, UX, and innovative development. Winners receive official diplomas, magnificent trophies, and recognition from industry experts as well as tens of thousands of daily visitors to the CSSDA website.

3. Webby Awards In fact, the Webby Awards have their own ceremony just like the Oscars! This is a great opportunity for a little sparkle and shine. The Webbys are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), a 2000+ member judging organization. Associate Members are former Webby Winners, Nominees, and other Internet professionals.

4. The Best Designs This site features some of the web’s top designs. Getting inspired as a designer is easy with this one as it is free to enter! Designers and agencies have their own forms, therefore it’s perfect for them. The Greatest Designs showcases the best in web design and their designers. Millions of visitors per year come to The Best Designs to see the latest design trends, employ designers, or get inspired.

5. The FWA The FWA has some exciting awards and setups. It has a ‘site of the day’ as well as the ‘Cutting Edge Award’. The slider on the front page features some very cool animations and you can also go here to find job listings! Entry is cheaper than some other award sites and will gain you instant exposure to a very big audience. An interesting one to check out! FWA is proud to be leading the digital generation. They achieve this by highlighting the most innovative projects from individuals, agencies, and businesses.

6. CSS Winner Another great resource for browsing past winners and getting inspiration. Entering again requires money, although it’s less than the biggest awards on this list, and rejected submissions are refunded. CSS Winner is a global network that recognizes and promotes the greatest websites, web designers, developers, and agencies. CSS Winner popularizes other people’s websites, boosting competency and coherence in honoring them.

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