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The first animated series based on blockchain

The first animated series based on blockchain

The first animated series based on blockchain

Fox TV company together with the creator of “Rick and Morty” Dan Harmon announced the release of the first animated series based on blockchain. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

“I won’t say too much today, but Fox, a company focused on advertisers, artists and having a special love for animation, is going to introduce its partners into the world of blockchain-based tokens, including NFT. This will be the first such experience in history,” said Charlie Collier, CEO of Fox Entertainment. (If you are interested in blockchain, you can also read our article 8 blockchain applications.)


Together with the release of “Krapopolis”, the creators of the project plan to launch a Blockchain Creative Labs company, which will manage a trading platform for the sale of digital goods related to the series.


Fans will be able to buy GIF images, background pictures, unique characters and other products based on the cartoon. Purchases will be available in NTFS format, it is a non-interchangeable token with a unique code that is attached to digital items as a certificate. A token is a virtual unit running on the blockchain. Previously, most blockchain services used only interchangeable tokens: bitcoin, Ethereum and others, but then non-exchangeable goods appeared — for example, art objects.


The plot of “Krapopolis” takes place in mythical Ancient Greece and “focuses on a family of people, gods and monsters who are trying to rule one of the first cities in the world and not kill each other.”


The use of NAT in the field of art has become increasingly popular recently. American rock band Kings of Leon has announced the release of the album When You See Yourself based on NFT. The work of the artist Banksy Morons (White) was burned and converted into NFT before the auction, and the bid could only be made in cryptocurrency.


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