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The Website is Created, What’s Next?

When clients contact us, some of them think that after website’s launch or its update, the business will immediately receive a flurry of new customers, orders, and calls. But if the site is new or it was already created, but has not been promoted, then creating or updating the site is only the first step in the journey.

It is a big and important step, because this is your online platform through which you will communicate with your potential customers, sell products, offer services, or at least can tell them about your business. So what to do next? how to get sales, new customers?

1. Marketing strategy – what is it?

It’s like a route plan, first, you need to understand in which direction the ship should sail. Who is your target audience, what are their interests, and what can attract them? How are you different from your competitors, what are your business goals, and where is it now? Before launching advertising campaigns, we must understand how effective they can be in your specific case. Or if this is a site for an artist or a singer, then for example, such a tool as SEO may not bring the desired result. That means using only those marketing techniques that are targeted at your business. Without a marketing strategy, and a plan of action, you can waste time and money and not even recoup the costs, not to mention make a profit. You can learn all this during a conversation with our marketing specialists. Fortunately, our team offers this service for free. You can order a pre-project marketing analysis of your business from us and find out what are the potential ways of development, what is missing, what can be improved, and what are your strengths. Order right now!

2. Promotion – which option to choose?

Now that we have defined goals, and outlined a plan, we can move on to action steps. And now we definitely need to understand what to do. If we are launching a Google campaign, then first we need to analyze the keywords and determine the possible budget for such a campaign. And in general, how specifically it will be effective for your business, or it may be better to consider the option of advertising on social networks. Or offline events, collaboration with some associations. And in order to understand how much advertising will cost – ask us for a free evaluation of an advertising campaign.

3. What tools do we have:

As mentioned above, we can use Google Adwords (Read “SEO Vs Google AdWords”), which gives a quick effect but is expensive. We may use ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. How effective this is will depend on the industry. In some cases, it will be even better than advertising on Google, and in others, a waste of money. And also in our arsenal – SEO promotion (Read “Top-5 rules of SEO in 2023″). It costs less than Google ads, but the effect will be visible in a few months. SEO includes such steps as internal site optimization, distribution of key phrases throughout the site, connecting Google metrics (Read “Difference Between Google Analytics And Google Webmaster”), and content management, and one thing without which it will not be possible to advance is getting backlinks.

We perfectly know and understand how difficult it is to find marketing professionals who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience. Many companies offer these services today, but how do you know which one to choose? To do this, we offer a free video conference, where you will find out exactly about us, what we are capable of, and how we can really be useful to your business.

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