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Top 10 applications for learning programming

Top 10 applications for learning programming

Top 10 applications for learning programming

What should a modern programmer know about? In this list you will find the top 10 applications to learn programming. Firstly, he needs to learn the main programming language for work, and secondly, he needs to constantly upgrade his skills by studying promising technologies and complex languages.


Let’s start with the small ones, why should children sit at boring books if they can learn playfully? Moreover, they will be able to program their games and characters. Perhaps it is your child who will create a game masterpiece.


Learn Java

A free application for Android and iOS, where you will find more than 150 lessons as part of the Java learning course.


Lynda Apps

You have the opportunity to learn all programming languages in a convenient application and on all popular platforms. For $25/month. you will get access to all Lynda training courses.


Lynda is one of the largest educational platforms from LinkedIn, specializing in the study of design, programming languages and improving web development skills.



Does the competitive spirit live in you? Try this app! Here you will be able to fight and compete with other participants in the skill of programming. In CodeWars you will find all the most popular programming languages, so everyone can participate in challenges.


Learn programming

An interactive programming tutorial in which you will find more than 35 programming languages, a huge number of frameworks.. There is an aptitude test and a full-fledged reward system.


We recommend downloading this Android app to anyone who wants to learn programming from scratch.



Their slogan: “Fresh content every day” is fully justified. In the application, you can get acquainted with popular and popular programming languages, algorithms, machine learning.


Programming Hub. Learn to code

Another application that will teach you programming. Everything is here: courses, testing, examples, compiler. Learn and practice in one place. The application has all popular programming languages: Java, C, C++, HTML, JS, Python.


Swift 4

Do you want to program for iOS? Install Swift 4: As the name already implies, it teaches the Swift programming language, which is used in macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS products.



As you have already understood, the best way to interest a child in IT is to turn the learning process into a game. Light bot is a real puzzle with a programming bias.


The goal of the game is to make the robot highlight all the tiles on the grid. And it needs to be done in one approach, otherwise everything will have to be done all over again. The game for learning programming will introduce you to the basic concepts. An ideal choice for boys and girls from 6 to 106 years old.



An application that, in a playful way, allows novice programmers to clash in a competition and understand who is better for them to walk.


PS: created for children, but there are no age restrictions. The main thing is that the user wants to learn programming.

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