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Top 10 Best Website Designs

Top 10 Best Website Designs

Top 10 Best Website Designs

Adidas — CHILE 20

If you have ever ordered clothes online, then you know firsthand how high-quality photos affect the choice. But Adidas and Foot Locker are too cool to limit the presentation of new models to simple visualization.

For the latest version of the iconic CHILE 20 collection, Active Theory agency designers have created three immersive spaces with realistic 3D visualizations and hip-hop. To get into one of them from the main one, you need to select the model by clicking, move to the other — swipe to the side. A nice bonus for fans: the background dynamic pattern with the name of the collection can be changed by replacing “CHILE 20” with your name.

Beans Agency

The website of the branding agency Beans Agency from Ukraine, developed by a team of their compatriots Dops Digital Lab, seems to have absorbed all the trends of web design. There is a broken grid, and thoughtful typography, and bold color combinations, and provocative GIFs. But all of the above fades into the background before the main highlight. More precisely, beans.

A series of motion screensavers with characters drawn in 3D makes surfing the site so fascinating that you can hang out for the entire lunch break. We’re not kidding, it’s better to set a timer.


The website of the Zenly application reveals its capabilities with the help of colorful 3D illustrations and short texts. Initially, the application was conceived as a mobile map for sharing location information with friends and family, for example, so as not to get lost on a trip or decide where it is more convenient to gather. In practice, it turned out that it is useful in critical situations — with the help of Zenly, firefighters coordinate their actions.


Unlike the complexity of graphics, site navigation is the simplest: a few mouse scrolls are enough to move between cartoon locations and understand how the application works.


The landing page of the Plink fast online payment service with cool three-dimensional animations is an example of the “Content is first” approach that many web designers strive for. It seems that pop-up titles and text only complement, but do not distract attention from the illustrations.

This work by Numbered studio from Amsterdam was awarded by the jury of several digital competitions, such as Awwwards and The FWA. According to the latest releases in their portfolio, you can track web design trends.

VC Swipe

VC Swipe is a service that helps investors find promising young startups, and vice versa. The system based on artificial intelligence connects the platform participants with the most suitable counterparties for the transaction.

In addition to the impressive 3D animation, this site has a very nice typography and grid. Inversions and smooth transitions between content blocks make navigation visually more pleasant.

Cellular Agriculture Society

Web design trends largely correspond to social trends. That is why non-profit and educational projects related to environmental issues and consumer culture have been repeatedly noted among the best sites of 2020.

CAS is an international non-profit organization based in Miami. It was founded in 2017 to research, finance and develop cellular agriculture — the science of producing animal products from cells, not from live animals. In addition to the noble mission, the CAS website is interesting with interactive infographics, non-standard transitions and minimalistic decor.

Fuse Media

Fuse Media is an international communication agency. A spectacular, but at the same time very minimalistic website with an emphasis on typography and interactivity. The design easily conveys quite complex and voluminous information about the company’s services and projects.

Fuse Media

The developers of the site are the Ukrainian studio Obys . In their offer, they boldly declare that they create the best sites that win world competitions. Well, they have every reason: in 2020, their projects repeatedly got into the SOTD (“Site of The Day”) rating on Awwwards.

Vide Infra

This year, the Vide Infra web design studio has an authoritative list of achievements: they entered the Top 10 creative web developers of the Runet Rating, in the Top 5 CSS Design Awards, and were nominated for Studio of the Year at Awwwards. Do you still need arguments to look into their portfolio and see the best sites of 2020?

Not only commercial projects, but also the website of the studio itself is marked by experts. Minimalistic design, subtle micro animations and smooth transitions on the grid make surfing the site meditatively enjoyable.


Point is a debit card and an application with a reward system issued by the bank of the same name in the USA. Following the link, you may think that this is a common example of a presentation of a mobile application. But pay attention to how the colors are played, how interesting the design of the cards themselves is and the photo content is well thought out.


CoverMyMeds Careers & Culture

It is likely that after viewing this site, you will want to change jobs. After all, the way CoverMyMeds, a software development company for the pharmaceutical industry, presents the HR brand and the campus under construction is admirable. The site was developed by the creative studio Dogstudio from Chicago. Their best sites have repeatedly been included in the world rankings.

CoverMyMeds Careers & Culture

At first glance, this site is a chaotic composition of photos, videos, 3D visualizations, decorative accents and text scattered here and there. But as soon as you start watching videos and getting to know the team, you will be imbued with their mission — to help patients who find themselves in a difficult situation. Spoiler: when doing serious business, you don’t have to be too serious, it’s enough to be yourself.

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