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Top 10 golden rules of business

10 golden rules of business

Top 10 golden rules of business

These are 10 rules that it is desirable to follow when doing business. The rules at first glance are quite simple and primitive, but this is only at first glance. After all, it is always much more difficult to follow the rules than to know them. Well, if you are ready to get into the business environment – let’s get started!

Don’t “drop the chip”!

A very common mistake of young businessmen is to find some kind of “chip”, thanks to which it turns out to be quite easy to make a good profit, and you start telling about it everywhere: to friends, colleagues, girls you meet in clubs. Naturally, you are bursting with a sense of pride that you have managed to find a gold mine. Make no mistake! There are a lot of such gold veins, it’s just that most entrepreneurs are silent about them. Remember and repeat this rule every day: “know, be able and be silent!”. You have found a “chip” – sit quietly and earn income, because the more people find out about this chip, the less time it will last.

Do not look for demand, form a proposal!

Often people ask the question: “what do other people need to do?”. You can think about this question for an eternity. The answer to it is simple – everything! Other people need everything. We know from classical economics that demand generates supply, but today we are faced with another fact. Take gadgets, new devices, the same Facebook or new services, like a hotel for animals. The situation develops as follows: the first interesting offer appears, which finds a response among people, and this offer turns into a trend and generates a lot of demand, as a result of which a lot of offers are formed. Do not try to do what people need, but do what you are good at and what brings you pleasure, and do it perfectly. In this case, you will never have problems with demand, just as you will not have the question “what should you do anyway?”.

Nobody cares!

Yes! This is a very important law that must be taken into account. Remember: no one will ever be completely imbued with your idea, no one will ever push you in the back and lead you to victory, no one will ever implement your ideas for free. If you are communicating with an investor, he does not care at all about the scale of this idea and the benefits for humanity from its implementation, it is important to him how much money needs to be invested in the project and what rate of profit its implementation promises him. If you have a brilliant idea – stretch your arms forward, stretch them and start working with them. Everyone except you doesn’t care about your ideas, because they have their own. Don’t try to infect others with your idea — get them interested in material factors or the opportunity to implement their ideas within your project.

Do not accumulate negative karma!

Karma is a natural consequence. If you “throw” other people in business, do not pay bills, do not fulfill your promises and think that there are still a lot of “suckers”, and you can work like this for a very long time — you are very mistaken. Information travels around the globe very quickly, and if you do not fulfill your obligations to other people, the likelihood that someone will not fulfill their obligations to you increases greatly. Don’t ask how, but it works.


The idea is worth nothing!

A lot of entrepreneurs concentrate too much on their idea and do not think about its implementation. The idea does not cost anything, and also it always comes to mind to several people at the same time. This is the law. Therefore, if you cannot implement your ideas on your own, give them to other people and at least participate in the implementation process. From an idea that is only in your head, you will definitely not be able to make a profit, and no one will buy it from you! In order for your idea to gain value, take the first real steps towards its implementation, and not in the form of a business plan on a piece of paper, but in the form of a real project that can be shown, or real first transactions, etc.


In our minds, we are all rich, successful, creative and very smart, but these are nothing more than mind games. In business, it is very important to act – always and a lot . Do not be lazy, sleep less, do not do inappropriate things, take care of your time. A successful businessman is, first of all, a person who performs the greatest possible number of effective actions per unit of time.

Business is built on personal contacts!

It is a mistake to think that if you have a good product, there will immediately be a lot of potential buyers. Business is built on trust, and, accordingly, on personal contacts. Remember that most entrepreneurs will order a service or purchase a product from the person they trust sufficiently, even if this person’s cost of goods will be higher than the average market price of analogues. Communicate more, make interesting business contacts, strive to devote as much time as possible to your social realization.

Money in advance!

Do not work without prepayment even with friends. People light up with ideas, and then cool down and throw them away. At the same time, you will incur certain labor costs, and people will throw up their hands and say that they “want too much”. Also, large customers often allow themselves to deceive small performers by pressing their image and the prospect of large orders. Remember that everything you do has a cost price, which must be reimbursed to you. If a person does not want to give an advance payment, it means that he either does not have money, or he is not sure of his own idea. If both the first and second points are in order for a person— he will agree to give an advance payment.

Appreciate people!

Many people naively believe that by organizing a strict regime of labor discipline, a system of fines and motivation, they will achieve effective results. However, based on personal observations, this is a utopia. It is impossible to organize such a structure of activity, unless it is a large impersonal production conglomerate or something similar. In any small or medium-sized business, everything is built around a leader. Appreciate people, because human qualities are not brought up over time — they are instilled with mother’s milk. Anyone can become a professional in anything with an appropriate level of training, but only those who have a high level of self—awareness and upbringing can become a devoted person.

Stick to the golden mean!

Business is a restless element. However, this is only externally. Remember the main thing — big money loves peace and balance. Try to always be in a state of harmony, do not strive to “hit the jackpot”, and also be careful not to be “in the swamp”. A subtle sense of the golden mean can serve as the key to the success of any of your events. Always remember that an entrepreneur has two main enemies — the desire to get everything now, and global long-term ambitions. Finding a balance between them will already be a great achievement.


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