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Top 5 Best App Ideas for Business

App Ideas

Top 5 Best App Ideas for Business

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine life without a phone and certain applications in it that have entered our everyday life. But technology continues to evolve, finding answers to more complex questions. And today I propose to discuss those areas in technology that are developing and which mobile applications can be created based on them.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality uses advanced technologies to add certain information to the real world: sounds, text, images. According to Market Research Future, by 2023, the global market for augmented reality (MAR) mobile applications will grow to $70 billion.

Virtual reality ideas can be implemented not only in games, but also in the automotive industry, interior design, tourism, healthcare, and the restaurant business. Pokemon Go and IKEA Place are great examples of AR in gaming and business applications. (For a better understanding, you can read our article how the application differs from the site)

Health Care and Telemedicine

During the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine became the driving force of healthcare. Technologies allow you to consult a doctor remotely without rearranging your schedule and without jeopardizing the health of other people. The doctor can talk to you via video chat, study the tests, medical images (MRI, ultrasound), check the symptoms and prescribe medications. Mobile applications allow doctors to help patients with symptoms of respiratory diseases, monitor dozens of people in intensive care units.


In the future, applications based on artificial intelligence will provide broader diagnostic capabilities. Predictive analytics will help identify health problems long before they reach serious proportions. Telemedicine can make healthcare more accessible, personalized and effective. Today is the time to take a step in this direction if your business is related to healthcare.


Chatbots and business bots

Chatbots help to improve customer service. So in Starbucks, you can order a drink or snack using a chatbot, and you will receive detailed information about the order: when it will be ready and how much you will need to pay. You can find out from the Mastercard bot how much you spent on coffee or other products this month.

When using chatbots, you don’t need to worry about the complex design of the user interface, so why not create such a convenient assistant for your own business? Moreover, Native Msg predicts that effective interaction with a chatbot will grow from 20% in 2017 to 93% in 2022.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality is used today not only in entertainment, but also in such areas as education, healthcare, aviation, space, marketing, journalism, travel, real estate, trade, automotive. Virtual reality helps to fight the fear of heights, crowds, public speaking, as the practice takes place in a safe virtual environment. Fans of travel, even with closed borders, can visit Niagara Falls or Paris thanks to the Google Expeditions tutorial.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Many modern applications and services are based on artificial intelligence, surely there will be a use for it in your business. There are products for recruitment specialists. They automate business schedules, reserve conference rooms, can integrate with the calendar to check the meeting time and select the appropriate one, when the date or time of the meeting changes, they provide new information to participants.

A special application will help you improve your English accent and speak as much as possible like native speakers. Most SaaS solutions are connected to computer learning interfaces from Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Perhaps now is the right time to invest in artificial intelligence.


Blockchain technology began with the financial industry, but eventually became a real technological breakthrough that affected many other areas. Today, 9 out of 10 state-owned companies plan to invest in blockchain. Distributed cloud storage, digital voting, and smart contracts are among the most interesting ideas for blockchain applications.


Internet of Things (IoT)

More recently, it seemed like something fantastic, the Internet of things is turning into a multibillion-dollar industry. It is expected that by 2025, more than 41 billion Internet of Things devices will be connected to the network.

IoT can be used to develop intelligent security solutions, health monitoring systems, automatic intelligent parking, intelligent roads, multi-room music players, wireless sensor systems, water quality monitoring, etc. The possibilities of the Internet of Things are almost limitless, so think about how you can use it in your industry.

On-demand applications

Food delivery, taxi calls, online shopping, ordering specialists for repairs or cleaning — these applications have become an integral part of the lives of many mobile device users. During the pandemic, these applications were in high demand, because it was possible to continue receiving services without leaving your own home and/or with minimal contact with other people. Take a few minutes to brainstorm, think about which of the mobile app trends will suit your business and start bringing them to life.

If you are just planning your own business, here are some application ideas that you can implement. Owners of existing businesses should also pay attention to them, perhaps you will find ideas for the second breath of your business.

5 mobile apps that can (and should) be made

Changeholic – exchange of goods with other users

Changeholic allows users to exchange goods: clothes, electronic devices, toys, etc. For example, you have a bicycle and used to actively ride it, but now you want a scooter. The app will help you find someone who has a scooter, but would like a bike. The application is built on the principle of “you to me, I to you” and works without the participation of money.(Also you can read our article app vs website)

Scope of application: a startup application that will help you start a new business. At first, you can cover a small area, then gradually expand the boundaries. The idea has a great potential for entering the international market.

All together – listen to music and watch videos with friends

The application allows you to connect multiple smartphones to simultaneously play an audio or video file on each. The application can be controlled from one of the connected devices. A great opportunity to create a surround sound in the room at a party. The application can also be used in lessons, lectures, seminars to watch a training video. You won’t need a projector anymore! Everyone will be able to watch the video simultaneously under the direct supervision of a teacher.

Scope of application: A great idea for a startup (develop an application and charge a subscription fee). The application can also become a business card of your business in the field of education or event management.


Current laws – tracking new laws in your smartphone

The application informs users about the appearance of new laws. After the user has registered in the application and selected the category that he wants to track, he will receive notifications about new laws, bills.

Scope of application: the application may be of interest to companies providing legal, accounting services, driving schools.


Listen to the world around you – an application for blind people

It is enough for the user to put the smartphone in the breast pocket with the camera facing forward and connect the headphones, and the application will use the camera and computer vision to scan the environment and tell the person what is happening around him. The idea can be expanded to make a full-fledged navigation application.

Scope of application: this application is ideal for companies and centers working with partially sighted and blind people. If you are looking for an idea for a meaningful and socially important application, this may be exactly what you need.


Security Agent – protection of a stolen smartphone

The app will take a picture and send it to the mail every time someone types the wrong unlock code on your phone.

Scope of application: you can build a business by taking this idea as a basis. Today, many people take the security of their smartphone and its contents seriously. (If you are interested not only in the idea, but also in the design, read our article top designs for websites)



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