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Top 5 Best Web Designers

Top 5 Best Web Designers

Top 5 Best Web Designers

How to develop design thinking? Be inspired by professionals, study and analyze their projects, remember good solutions. The ability to find and archive such works that evoke an internal response is called design review – that’s what we propose to pump. Therefore, today we will look at the top 5 designers of 2021!

Tobias van Schneider

Bio: A repeatedly award-winning graphic designer originally from Germany. Lives and works in New York.


What’s cool: masterfully designs everything – from the web to product design and sneaker design. Winner of many festivals, jury judge Cannes Lions, Hyper Island, Art Directors Club, and FWA, develops designs for Spotify, Red Bull, Google, NASA, BMW, Sony, Fantasy Interactive, Wacom, Toyota. Bloomberg, Wired, The Washington Post, Business Insider, Online Magazine, Computer Arts, Fast Company Magazine, Inc., and others write about it.


Aristide Benoit

Bio: Spanish designer-developer, specializes in motion design and interaction on the web. Works with companies, agencies and startups around the world as a freelancer.


What’s cool: regularly and deservedly receives awards at Awwwards (65+). His examples of brand design on his personal Twitter page are admired every time.


Alexander Laguta

Bio: a popular and independent freelancer from Sochi. Works in the creative association Laguta & Laguta. Specializes in UI/UX, concepts, branding, identity and animation.


What’s cool: 100+ awards on Behance alone. An example of building a successful personal brand.


Gleb Kuznetsov

Bio: A digital product designer from San Francisco. Creates user interfaces for industry leaders in AI, mobile communications, medicine, airlines, FinTech, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and travel services.


What’s cool: Director at Milkinside, where he helps to implement ambitious ideas of Apple, Twitter, Airbus, LG, Nokia, Xiaomi, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Renault, and many other companies.


Bio: Digital artist from Slovenia. For more than ten years he has been working with brands, agencies, and studios from all over the world, such as Buck, Tendril, FutureDeluxe, Los York, Hugo & Marie, Frame, Foam, Partner, Six N. Five, Aggressive, Wolf & Crow, Aixsponza.


What’s cool: an innovator and creator of stylized abstractions for products and brands. Develops concepts and animations. Manages small and medium-scale projects as a creative and technical director.


For a better understanding, look at the social media pages of these artists. This will help you stay on-trend.


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