Top-5 rules of SEO in 2023

SEO, also as search engine optimization, is used by many browsers in order to get your web page to the top. It uses special words on your page, which will force it up in the search engine. Also, you cannot pay browsers to get your web page to the top, so SEO experts need to work really hard.

Rules of SEO in 2023:

1. Make your web page look interesting and qualitative. For example, Google will prioritize only websites, that look great and have some UI. Include pictures, photos, and animation. Make a memorable domain, that will contain fewer symbols. Make sure you have all your contact details on your page, don’t forget about starting page, where users will know, how to orient themselves on your website.

2. Use keywords. Using these types of words will help your website get to the top of the search engines. The more keywords you have, the more popular your website will be. Using keywords is the most efficient way to get your website to the top. Also, use some SEO keyword research tools, which will help you construct your website. Include keywords in topics, titles, subtitles, indentions, etc.

3. Hire an expert. If you don’t have enough time, consider hiring an expert, who will write SEO-optimized texts for your website. The expert will check your own text for keywords, quality, etc. If you have enough budget and a little amount of time, hiring an expert will be the right solution.

4. Optimize all the media on your website. In order to get full performance and fast loading speed, compress your media with special tools, without sacrificing its quality. Don’t forget to optimize media with keywords, so search engines will understand related to the context words.

5. Post your content on social media. Turn your blog into one, logically structured, podcast. It will help advertise your website. Also, don’t forget to update information and media on your previous and old blogs. Make a YouTube channel and post some videos there. Post your blogs on social media, so more people will see them. Advertising your website also will help make it to the top.

In conclusion, there are a lot of rules for making your website popular all around the World Wide Web. Remember to update your website regularly, make your blogs interesting, always use keywords and keyword research tools, if necessary, hire an expert, optimize your media, and don’t forget about web design, and your website will be popular and qualitative. If you want your website to look gorgeous, contact our BereshkaWeb specialists, who will help you with this problem.

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