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Top 5 sins of a web designer

Top 5 sins of a web designer

Top 5 sins of a web designer

What prevents web designers from creating not only beautiful but also convenient layouts that will appeal to the customer and future users? We found the answers.

Be inspired by Dribbble and Behance

When designing and designing interfaces, the designer often visits the Dribbble and Behance resources. There are a lot of cool works that look spectacular and convenient but are not always suitable for implementation. Inspired, the designer sits down to draw obviously non-working ideas. As a result, we lose a client.


There is a great saying in the design environment: “Design should be comfortable in the first place and beautiful only in the second.” You can draw inspiration from Dribbble and Behance— but you should always think about how your ideas are feasible and whether they meet the client’s requirements. (You can also read our article, the best web designers 2021)


Go against the usual patterns in the interface

Each of us has a phone, and there are many applications in it, each of which uses its own pattern. Let’s take social networks for example Instagram, Tik Tok, VK. In these applications, the key action is located exactly in the middle in the lower band. In Instagram, the button starts the Reеls entry. In TikTok – video recording. In VK – sends messages to the interface.


The user benefits from this — he is forming a habit, it is becoming easier to understand the new interface. Designers often forget about this.


But if in pursuit of uniqueness, you come up with interfaces that have not been practiced anywhere before, the user will have to adjust, get used to your application again. This can be done, but everything should be as simple and logical as possible. The user needs to be guided through the interface without being forced to think!


Pouring visual water

Once a designer hears from a client that the work looks boring, he rushes to hang different visual elements just to please the customer. As a result, everything turns into a mess: selling titles, buttons, etc. are lost.


This sin is especially characteristic of beginners. To avoid it, you need to be able to respond to the client’s wishes in a reasoned manner. While preparing for the meeting, think about why the button should be large, the text small, and the shadow red. So you will show that you did not just throw elements on an empty sheet, but followed logic.

Don’t think about adaptivity

Your product should be convenient to use at different screen resolutions. Always consider small screens when designing. Lay down in time the rendering of the most popular resolutions. For example, if you are drawing a website in FHD, be sure to draw an intermediate HD screen.


Transfer “broken projects” to the layout

The pain of the layout designer is when the designer submits to work a layout with different margins, sizes of titles, and text does not draw the state of buttons, links, forms. To avoid such problems, use design systems. (Also read our article, the best programs for web design)

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