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Top 6 Best Web Design Software

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Top 6 Best Web Design Software

It is very difficult for a good web designer, as well as an artist, to work without high-quality labor tools. If a landscape painter, for example, uses brushes and paints, then the creator of spectacular websites uses special programs. Some are being modernized, others are gradually disappearing into oblivion.

The best program for web design: Photoshop?

In fact, a novice web designer will have enough photoshop and its capabilities to draw the first simple sites “up to his ears”. If you are not familiar with this program yet, then web design training should start with it. (If you are interested in this topic, also read about the top 6 best web designs of 2021)

There are also many analogs of Photoshop. There are even online versions where the functionality is cut to an outrage, a lot of advertising and constant glitches. Such sites are suitable only for schoolchildren to edit their photos. Let’s look at the pros and cons of using Photoshop to draw websites:


  • All customers and layout designers are used to PSD files, so you will not have any difficulties that may arise if you draw a website in illustrator or CorelDRAW.
  • It is not difficult to study Photoshop, because initially the program was sharpened for photo processing, so a web designer does not need to know all its functionality.
  • There are many useful plugins, scripts, styles, templates and other “gadgets” for Photoshop that will help speed up the process of developing a website design.


  • The program is paid. Of course, you can download Photoshop from torrents and be a pirate, but this is already on your conscience.
  • The program is not particularly developing in the direction of web design. It is quite possible that competing software will soon simply surpass it in functionality and convenience.

Sketch – the future of web design?

The Sketch program is also gaining popularity. But this program is designed exclusively for interface design, and this is only a small part of all orders on the market and these orders are absolutely not for “beginners”. You can install it on your computer only if you have a MAC OSx operating system. 


In order to learn how to draw convenient sites, it is necessary to “get over” the rendering of “ingenious creations” consisting of a million pictures and colors that are inconvenient and incomprehensible to anyone but you. All novice web designers go through this, with the exception of those who used to do layout or programming, because they have already suffered with such would-be designers and will never make such masterpieces.


Sketch never ceases to delight with new features. The service is developing literally before our eyes and is rightfully considered one of the best assistants for a web designer today. At least I am pleased with the fact that the resource has absorbed all the logic of CSS 3. Continuing to develop in this direction, it promises a bright future in the field of decorative design of web pages. Sketch – created for those who strive for perfect digital design.


A convenient service for visual prototyping. The web version allows you to create animations for mobile devices based on iOS and Android. A desktop application for Windows and Mac. Pixate has a lot of diverse built-in animation and interactive gestures. There is also a script library. For advanced designers who do not have enough template tools, it is possible to create author programs in JavaScript. The service is constantly evolving, which has made it a top for Western European and American web designers. Among domestic specialists, it is only gaining popularity.



According to professional web designers, this editor will soon make you forget about Photoshop. And not only because its cost is an order of magnitude lower than its popular counterpart. Its functionality objectively surpasses the software legend. The program works with CMYK and LAB, supports PSD and RAW processing. Especially impressive is the work with vector graphics, high-quality scaling and some more “chips”. The tool is sharpened only for the “Apple” OS and is becoming increasingly popular in the professional environment.



The program is fully compatible with Photoshop. Allows you to turn a site sketch (in psd or sketch format) into an interactive page. It is indispensable for those who are engaged in the layout and development of mobile applications. Using Avocode, you will be able to work with the sources directly through the web interface or desktop application.



A multifunctional environment for developers of a user interface of a variety of formats, taking into account the rules of UX design. The resource pleases with a voluminous library of widgets and flexible responsiveness. And the built-in tutorial of sample projects allows you to get started quickly, even for a beginner. Among the Antetype buns, you can designate the ability to customize screen properties, style, resources, and stories.


A modern web designer needs to look several steps ahead in order to stay afloat and maintain his reputation in a rapidly changing IT space. (You can also read our article about the Best web design Award)

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