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What if WPBakery page builder not working?

WPBakery Page Builder is a very powerful plugin that helps WordPress users create beautiful content with minimum programming knowledge..somebody would say. In my opinion, even if you are a “big programmer” there is no real sense to write by hand columns, rows, containers, and divs for each page. I think WPBackery Plugin is not for those who don’t have programming knowledge, it’s for those who want to automate some basic steps. It’s like when you use IDE to write code and use all those clues or automation that it provides instead of wasting your time in Text Editor.

But sometimes it may happen that you have problems with this plugin. It may not be showing on a page or post or it’s not clicking. Here is what you can do and in most cases, it will solve the issue.

Role Manager

You need to check the settings of the plugin for the assignment it to Pages, Posts, and others. If you see WPBakery on Pages, but not on Posts, then go to WPBackery=> Role Manager and a checkmark for Posts.


Next is what you can do. Deactivate all plugins and check whether they helped. If yes, then start to activate them one by one and see which one caused the problem. Then you can replace it with another plugin or fix the problem with this one.


If it didn’t work, try to install any free theme, like Twenty One, and activate it. If it was the problem, then you need to work on the theme and find the reason why the conflict happens, but it happens very rarely. If it’s not your theme, contact the author.

Debugging mode

Usually, you need to turn on debugging mode before you begin troubleshooting, but when I’m working in the admin panel, for me easier quickly to check plugins and themes. If nothing helps, then I turn on Debugging mode, you can read here how to turn it on here and look for the reason.

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