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What is Internet traffic, the 3 best ways to increase it?

What is Internet traffic, the 3 best ways to increase it?

What is Internet traffic, the 3 best ways to increase it?

At the moment, there are a lot of competitors in any industry on the market. And in order to remain competitive, you need to increase the Internet traffic of the site, what is Internet traffic, and the 3 best ways to increase it, which we will consider in this article.

What is Internet traffic?

This is the number of visitors who visit the website of your online store, blog, etc. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet and think how many of them will go through the sales funnel and make an order as a result. Let’s stop at the very first stage for now. So, traffic is the number of people who visited the site within a certain time limit. Let’s say a hundred people a month is extremely small. It’s insignificant. A hundred a day is already better, but still not enough. After all, as we remember, not all of these hundred will make an order – it’s good if one or two people. The rest will just wander through the pages of the site, study the assortment, or maybe look through the products and close the tab.


Why do I need Internet traffic?

  • to let visitors know about your online store;
  • to get acquainted with the assortment;
  • to make an order and become your customers;
  • to tell others about your store.

Where does the traffic come from?

From different sources. The most popular are search results, contextual advertising, social networks, advertising links, and others. Now let’s look at the top 3 in more detail.


Search results

A person wants to buy a product online – for example, clothes or food for aquarium fish. He comes in “Yandex or Google and dials in the line approximately following: “buy a dress in Moscow online”. The system gives him links to online stores, he goes through them, and voila! – becomes a visitor. The traffic of the online store is growing.


This method is free, you do not pay for the fact that the person himself came to your site. But it’s not hard to guess that not every online store will be on the first page – that is, in the top. In the list of the first, there will be commodity aggregators – Yandex.Market, Ulmart, Ozon, Citylink, and other monsters of e-commerce. In order to get to the top, you need to pay Seo Specialist and optimizers. They will help bring your online store to the first pages of search results.


Contextual advertising

The same person, the same search engine, but the links are no longer the same. Take a closer look at any search results – the topmost will be advertisements. This is the context – paid ads. The owner of the online store orders contextual advertising and pays for each click – that is, for each visitor’s visit to the site.


Social network

You can also order targeted advertising here: these are ad blocks on the side of the page and advertising entries in thematic groups. If a person becomes interested, he clicks on the link and again goes to your site.


Useful tips


  1. Keep track of the regularity of the content. If you decide to publish news or articles, do it all the time. So visitors will get used to it and will wait for your news.
  2. Duplicate the news on YouTube – start a corporate channel, shoot a video, and in the description give a link to the online store. Is it worth saying that videos should be interesting and useful for the consumer?
  3. Don’t shy away from entertaining posts. Oscar Wilde also wrote how important it is to be serious – with a bit of irony, of course. Publish professional stories and jokes, funny pictures and memes, thematic tests – everything that can be interesting to the audience. Remember the main rule of psychology: talk about what is important not to you, but to another person.


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