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Why should I use VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows surfing the web with a higher degree of protection and privacy. One can use VPN on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Everything you need is an internet connection and one of many VPN applications.

When the computer is connected to a VPN, it is spotted in a different location or country set in the VPN settings, and all the traffic is sent over a secure encrypted connection to the VPN. Let’s see what advantages you get when using a VPN:

  • You are protected from attacks by hackers, who want to steal and sell your data. Unfortunately, nowadays data thieves have many ways and instruments to steal various types of important data. So, it is better to protect your information as much as you can.
  • You are protected from DDoS attacks. This point is very important for business managers and gamers. No more harm from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to your servers, and correspondingly sites, operations, and games!  
  • You are able to bypass the geo-blocks on any website. If you would like to use a US website, for instance, that works only locally, but you are on a vacation in the other part of the world, you can turn the VPN on, set the needed country, and enjoy the website.
  • You can safely access any network. VPN encryption adds safety, and safety is what we all want whether we are at home or at work. There is always some personal information like passwords or correspondence that you prefer not to share with your colleagues or even family members.
  • You can use public wi-fi hotspots without worry. VPN connection ensures that your credentials are not getting hijacked. Now you can relax and enjoy social media or work in a cafe while eating your favorite food.
  • You can bypass restrictions. For example, if your company or school ban social media or your government bans some sites, VPN is your reliable option to «cheat the system». Two seconds and you are not where you really are anymore. Who can stop you now from acquiring or sharing the information?
  • You can reduce the control that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has. VPN allows you to «hide» your browsing history from the ISP, so your browsing habits are not becoming a public domain, which can be used against you or to annoyingly sell you some useless products. Plus, the internet connection will pleasantly surprise you, as there will be no intentional reduction of its speed.
  • You are able to download files from torrents. Whether they are legal or illegal in your area, ISP can throttle the speed of specific torrents or block them. Use a VPN to download whatever you need at a faster speed, but make sure not to be too illegal.
  • You are able to defend yourself from eavesdroppers. VOIP (Voice-over-IP) or internet telephoning is easy enough for hackers to listen and record. So, if you are a frequent user of Lync, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and other online voice chatting applications, consider using the VPN as well.    
  • You can save money while shopping online. Online shops set different prices on things for people from different countries, because of their solvency. It could be clothes, bags, automobiles, and hotel rooms. VPN is a good means to save hundreds of dollars or even more!
  • You can spend less money on flights. That’s right! You can get tickets from the same place to the same destination for a cheaper price if you buy them «being» in another country with the help of the mighty VPN. 

VPN is very easy to work with. It can be used both with iOS and Android, and one can use it with several devices simultaneously. You can even install it on your router if it is compatible with VPNs.

Although there are paid VPNs, there are plenty of free VPNs, which perfectly work and perform all the necessary functions. The difference is that paid VPNs have no advertisement and are even safer than free ones.

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