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What is the difference between WordPress and Wix?

Wix and WordPress are the most popular cloud-based web development platform and free CMS. Millions of fans are standing behind both of them, and you can hear hundreds of reasons why to choose one or another. These are recognized titans of the CMS and website creation market. However, it’s two completely different leagues. It is not an ideological battle to find out which type of engine is better. The question is a bit different. What is the difference between WordPress and Wix?

Main specialization

Wix is a cloud-based web development platform. It has one of the most multifunctional visual WYSIWYG-constructors that allow you to create websites without HTML and programming. WordPress is a popular free CMS that is best suited for creating any kind website. It is suitable for use by beginners, but only if the task is simple. Projects with a lot of advanced features and a tricky structure can be made by BereshkaWeb using HTML, PHP, JS, or another language.

Key functionality

Wix features are in between the visual editor, control panel settings, widgets, and applications from the built-in AppMarket. The default stock functionality has a vast inactive reserve in the form of several hundred various applications (modules, plug-ins, components, etc.). The main advantage of apps that Houston Web Design Company “BereshkaWeb” has noticed is that it’s approved, selected, and made by the developers. Most of it has the control panel interface and works clearly, without lags and failures like built-in widgets.

Considering Wix in isolation from the capabilities of applications is nonsense. All payment systems, blogs, and forums work with it. You can install it in a free order. Wix Code is a mode that can add JavaScript to the website for databases work. This functionality is used to create your modules and collect/package user data into arrays. Nevertheless, you can adjust the database to automatically update the prices, galleries, schedules, anything without much experience.


Both Wix and WordPress are quite diverse in their capabilities. Plug-ins, applications, coding, a wide range of templates allow you to collect and customize a large number of types of sites. Some of them look more interesting, and others can be considered subordinate. In its purest form, WordPress is about blogs and any complex websites, online stores. Wix is suitable for all this, as well as for the creation of stores, landing pages, portfolios, and even a forum with a FAQ system.

I would combine Wix, Shopify, and SpaqceSquare in one category. They are CMS (Content Management System) that allows users to create websites without programming knowledge. In simple words I would compare to this – Wix is a chair that u buy in IKEA, you get a set and you need to assemble it at home. WordPress is CMS too, but much more flexible, very often it calls “engine”, because it’s really like an engine in a car. It’s much richer for functionality that can be easily added. You don’t buy a chair, you choose wood, you choose screws, you decide whether it will have a back or not. WordPress is very easy for experienced users, for those who have never been logged in to a website’s dashboard, it may take a day just to find how to change the font color. There are plenty of other web engines, like Joomla, Drupal, 1C-Bitrix, and others. And my favorite is WordPress because it has a bunch of plugins that can be additionally installed and a huge community where you can also easily get support. Talking about what to choose for business. It depends. If you don’t have a budget or it’s very low, then you must have time to build a website on Wix or Shopify. If you have money, then delegate this task to professionals. But please, a website on Worpdress in most cases can’t cost 10-15k…only if it resurrects somebody? I always offer WordPress to those clients who want to do light editing, changes by themselves, then I am happy to teach them after I do the main job. I’m not greedy, I don’t want them to pay me every time they need to move a picture for 3in)) And finally Custom Website from zero or Web Application will require more labor of a programmer, which means will cost you more. But again it’s only necessary if you have very specific goals. But even NASA today uses WordPress:)

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