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How to use Social media to get more customers

Social media is a powerful tool to help generate traffic and potential customers. With the right approach, you can significantly increase site traffic and the number of customers. How to use social media? Let’s find out with our website design services. The stage that precedes any actions to promote your own brand/product in the social network is data collection and analysis. Here is what you need to do:

  • Analyze the demand for your product through a search for keys with hashtags.
  • Examine your audience. Well, if you already have a current customer base you can do an ABCXYZ analysis.
  • Collect preliminary support in social networks through parsing.
  • Create a unique selling proposition for them.
  • Prepare a content plan and decide on the frequency of exits posts.

If you are well prepared, then in the future there will be less disappointment. Social networks work. Work for almost all business segments. Houston digital agency

How to attract customers through social media

Now it is customary to distinguish three types of formats of presence in social networks: commercial, thematic, mixed. Each of them has its features. Houston digital agency

  • COMMERCIAL: Group, public, social network pages are full-fledged showcase, which presents a specific range of products. This format is well suited to trade with something intuitive, real, with a short transaction cycle: clocks, hamsters, telephones.
  • THEMATIC: Content provided to subscribers in this format has a high value for them. It is not commercial. And the promotional offers relevant to the group are not associated with the participants with its founders. Nevertheless, the posts that are published there somehow drag the person into the sales funnel. This format is suitable for complex products with a long transaction cycle: CRM, training, design projects, psychological assistance, etc.
  • MIXED: Here, the entrepreneur “does not hide” his commercial interest. Nevertheless, he is ready to create additional value for the proposed product at the expense of useful content. The format is suitable for cars, real estate, repairs, perhaps even sophisticated equipment. Houston digital agency

Choose a strategy

When you have decided on the format, consider how you will attract adherents. We do not promise that it costs nothing at all. If you want free or almost free, tune in to create high-quality content, hard work, and smooth growth of the audience. If you need an explosive effect, you have to pay. There are two main strategies for promoting groups/public. Houston digital agency

“White” strategy. It is that you set up advertising campaigns, spend a lot of time creating high-quality content, invest in it, cross-PR, pay for posting your posts on the pages of opinion leaders (famous bloggers, for example). Use Website Design Services to make it right. Houston digital agency

The “gray” strategy is to use the technology of mass-trapping and mass-locking. The first is when you massively create friend requests. The second is the same, but for likes under posts of users from the target audience. It is not done manually. How to automate the process has already been invented. Youtube is no longer a toy. And it has long been no exotic in the context of your content marketing and lead generation. People love images, photos, and pictures of cats, but even more, they want to watch videos. Houston digital agency

As a result, this led to the fact that youtube turned into a search engine, second only to Google. He has 1.5 billion users, and every day, they become only more. And now youtube cooler TV. Therefore, creating video content, laying it out on your own YouTube channel, and placing links to videos on social networks will increase interest and increase the degree of brand virality. Website Design Services can help you with that. We will give some tips that will improve the effectiveness of this issue. Houston digital agency

  1. Personality and information are more important than editing, light, special effects.
  2. Produce video regularly with a frequency of at least one time per week.
  3. Immediately after the appearance of a new video on the channel, let’s link to it on all social networks and blogs. If possible, pay for placement in favorite public places. Then your video will fall into the trends and will be present in the organic issue of YouTube.
  4. Be sure to link a lead magnet to a clip: a link to free access to the webinar, a product demo version, a training recording, an e-book.
  5. Create aha-content. It is such information that will shake the user with its relevance, relevance, and applicability to his situation. Agree, for this you need to know your target audience very well.

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is one of the tools to promote in social networks. It informs the potential buyer about the product, its consumer properties. Unlike traditional advertising, targeting unobtrusively provides information. The advantage of targeted advertising is targeting it to the target audience. It is more efficient since the costs go only to those who may be interested in the product. Houston digital agency

The cost of targeted advertising varies from the breadth of the request to the target audience. If you are seriously detailing the portrait, the cost per click will be higher. But at the same time, most likely, it will give the best result. Use Website Design Services to get the best results. Houston digital agency

A necessary condition for launching targeted advertising is the moderation of an announcement by social networking services. It usually takes less than a day. It then appears on the network. We talked about how to attract customers through social networks. For this, you do need not so much money. But the result, if you follow our advice, will be impressive. Houston digital agency

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